“I had previously tried to implant a pig’s heart in a human body and I was sent to prison.”

Dr. Barua says he has done this 25 years ago

I implanted a pig’s heart in a human body 25 years ago, during which time I told the world based on my research that every organ of a pig can be implanted in a human body but no one supported me at that time.

“The government here put me in prison and now, after so long, the world is seeing the idea of ​​a transplant in a pig’s heart by American doctors as a successful experiment, while this research and experiment was first Did. ‘

Dr. Dhani Ram Barua, a 71-year-old transplant surgeon, angrily slapped Mecca on the table and started screaming.

After a stroke in 2016, Dr. Dhani Ram Barwa can no longer speak properly. His wife Dalimi Barwa worked with him for many years and she understands his feelings. He described the reason for the outrage and the atrocities committed against him in connection with his investigation.

Recently, a team of doctors in the United States transplanted a genetically modified pig’s heart into a human, meaning that for the first time in the history of the world of surgery, a pig’s heart was implanted in a human.

Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center say this is the first time such surgery has been performed in the world and it is claimed that a 57-year-old man named David Bennett is recovering.

When asked for the first time by American doctors about the claim of such a transplant, Dr. Dhani Ram expressed his indignation.

But the next moment, expressing a little happiness, he said that finally, after 25 years, the medical scientists agreed that pig’s organs could be transplanted into the human body.

David Bennett is the first person in the world to have a pig’s heart implanted in his body

“Sent to jail after operation in 1997”

Dr. Dhani Ram Barua, who lives in the Sonapur area of ​​Assam, used to run a medical institute called Heart City and City of Human Genome.

According to Dr. Barua, genetically modified pig heart transplants by American doctors are nothing new. He claims that American doctors achieved this feat on the basis of the same technique they used in their research years ago.

Speaking to the BBC about the transplantation of a pig’s heart into a human body, Dr Brava said: “I first had a transplant of a pig’s heart in the body of a 32-year-old man on January 1, 1997. More than 100 studies were performed prior to the surgery to ensure that the human body accepts many of the pig’s organs.

“It simply came to our notice then that the patient survived for 7 days after the heart transplant, but his life could not be saved due to multiple infections. The patient actually had a hole in the lower chamber of the heart called a ventricular septal defect. Due to which the patient got various infections.

Dr. Dhani Ram Barwa performed the surgery at his Heart Institute in Sonapur along with Dr. Jonathan Ho Ki Shing, a Hong Kong surgeon.

During the 15-hour operation, Dr. Brava implanted a pig’s heart and lungs in the patient. But after the death of the patient, there was a big controversy over this transplant.

During the 15-hour operation, Dr. Brava implanted a pig’s heart and lungs in the patient. But after the death of the patient, there was a big controversy over this transplant.

Following the local media coverage of the incident, the two doctors were arrested under the Criminal Murder and Human Organ Transplant Act, 1994.

Dr. Dhani Ram, a Cardio Surgery graduate from the Royal College of Glasgow, Scotland, recalls the incident: The institute was vandalized. I had to stay in jail for 40 days, no one working in the government or in the medical field helped me and that case is still going on against me today.

Dr. Brava claims to have invented new drugs

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