James Webb Space Telescope: Sunshield of space telescope opened to protect from sunlight

James Webb, the world’s largest space telescope, has successfully completed the first stage of his quest to capture images of the shining stars.

The controllers of this space telescope successfully opened a large kite-like ‘sun shield’ on Tuesday and managed to protect the telescope from the harsh rays of the sun.

Protected from the sun’s rays and heat, the shield is about the size of a tennis court. This will allow the James Webb Telescope to detect signals from farthest objects in the universe.

The telescope will now focus on unlocking its mirrors in the next phase of capturing images of the mysteries of the universe’s galaxies and stars shining in space. The largest mirror installed in it is 6.5 meters wide.

James Webb Space Telescope: Sunshield of space telescope opened to protect from sunlight

The successful unveiling of this five-tiered shield and the proper conduct of its work is a great achievement for the engineering teams of the US space agency NASA and the aerospace company North Roop Grumman.

Many experts have expressed concern over the design of the James Webb Telescope’s sunshield because it contained too many motors, gears, wheels and wires. And they had reservations about opening it up completely in space and securing the space telescope.

But years of experience and research, large and small, have shown that the controllers of this space telescope will first completely unravel the various layers of this large shield and then fasten them together.

The various layers of the sunshield of this telescope are shaped like human hair. During the installation of the shield on Tuesday, its fifth and final layer opened at 4:58 pm International Time.

Greg Robinson, Program Director of the James Webb Telescope Mission at NASA Headquarters, said: It’s important. “

He added that “this masterpiece of engineering had to work with thousands of parts to work accurately and completely in space.” The team has undertaken a complex but daring feat at this stage, the open shield of the shield. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Alfono Stewart, head of NASA’s James Webb Telescope deployment system, said enthusiastically that it was important to note that all previous experiments had been carried out on Earth where gravity was present. This is the first time the shield has been opened in space where gravity is zero.

“It was the first time and we’ve been very successful.”

Hillary Stock, head of the team that opened the shield of the James Webb Telescope at the North Roop Company, said:

The world’s largest space telescope, James Webb, was launched from French Guiana on December 25 last year with the help of an Aryan rocket.

The space telescope is thought to be the successor to the Hubble Telescope as Hubble is now 31 years old and nearing the end of its operational period.

Like the Hubble Space Telescope, James Webb will unravel the mysteries of the universe and make access to stars and galaxies in space possible through images. But compared to the Hubble Space Telescope, it uses advanced equipment and technology that enables it to see further into space.

The space telescope is also expected to receive light from stars that lit up immediately after the Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago. These stars are believed to be one of the first stars in the universe.

But important to all of this is how sensitive James Webb’s infrared sensors are. Will light from this part of the universe be able to reach the web’s sensors correctly, or will James Webb be able to receive these signals properly?

For this, the space telescope has to keep itself cool and at a low temperature, otherwise these signals will not be detected.

Therefore, this sun shield will provide low temperature to the environment around this space telescope and will reduce the temperature around the mirrors and instruments of this space telescope to minus 230 degrees Celsius.

Controllers operating the telescope are stationed at the Baltimore Space Telescope Science Institute in Maryland, and are now focusing on its golden mirrors.

Like the Sunshield, the next step is to open the two main and basic mirrors of this space telescope and install it on the front of the Aryan.

By the end of this week, it is hoped that the second mirror, which is 75 cm wide and mounted on eight-meter-long rods, will be installed in front of the first mirror of the space telescope.

It has ‘feathers’ attached to its main mirror which were turned at the time of its launch. They will now be opened at an angle of 90 degrees, making the surface 6.5 meters wide.

If all goes well, hopefully this work will be completed by the end of this week.

The James Webb Telescope is currently in space at a point 1.5 million kilometers from Earth called the Earth’s ‘Mid Night’ location and will observe the universe from here.

The James Webb Telescope mission is a joint venture between the US, European and Canadian space agencies.

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