Kurulus Osman Ep 63 English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The action-packed of the Kurulus Osman series just got looted The enemy was left staring and Osman Bey spread Osman Bey reminded the Mongols and Byzantines of their times Everyone praised Osman Bey’s brilliant plan made Osman Bey’s Rising Power and Enemy’s Failing Conspiracies Are a Great Sign of the End of the Season We will also talk about what the series could turn out to be in the future Today I will tell you whether the Seljuk state is going to go to war along with Osman Bey.

  • What great disaster will the new Commander Ducas bring? 
  • Will Detective Zoe be able to beat Osman Bey with great difficulty?
  •  Will she kill Osman Bey’s child before she is born? What will Osman Bey plan with Sultan Masood?
  •  Why did Osman Bey say that we don’t need to prepare for war?
  •  Will Malhun Hatun’s life be saved by Bala Hatun? Which big character will leave the series in the next ? 

Has Kose Mihal entered the series? 

You must Read the Article till the end to know the full details of everything The last of Kurulus Osman series was full of action and loved the fans. But this also made us very emotional We told you that we will try to remove the objection raised by the fans for not bringing out the farewell scene of Bamsi Bey. And the tomb of Bamsi Bey will be seen. 

That is what happened We were shocked to see this scene There was a scene on the tomb of Bamsi Bey in Cerkutay and Usman Bay that refreshed the wounds of our hearts. The storm of sorrow that arose in the heart of Cerkutay also touched our hearts After Bamsi Bey’s martyrdom, fans were once again saddened to see his grave and to lose it. 

But Jericho’s actions will always remind us of that It is true to say that the emotional continuity of the episode was not broken even for a moment Fans were seen praising the great episode The remaining two to three episodes will have similar episodes Fans are anxious to know what big surprises are hidden in the upcoming episode In fact, all the events will be the next part of the stories that started in the previous episode 

First of all, let’s talk about the war between Osman Bey and Nikola The simple fact is that this war is no longer limited to Osman Bey and Nikola On the contrary, two states have entered this war The Byzantines and Seljuks have come face to face The Byzantines, in a show of strength, sent a commander with the army to support Nikola. 

But according to Osman Bey, the Seljuk Empire is not in a position to send troops to Osman Bey The Byzantine commander Ducas was mentioned in the previous episode It seemed to be trying to show that he would not be an ordinary commander but a very dangerous commander. In the trailer, we even saw this commander Yes, he is a little different from all the other commanders And we don’t think he’ll even be seen waving in front of Nikola But remember that he will not be able to face Osman Bey for long Repeatedly watching Osman Bey’s battle with Nikola in the series draws us to the conquest of Inegol Castle. 

But given the history, our minds are not ready to believe that Inegol Fort will be victorious this season. Yes, if the time gap is suddenly showing so anything can happen When it comes to war, there is not much chance of such a big battle That is, the two states will not look confused Before that happens, the matter will be settled by Osman Bey and Nikola As for Commander Ducas, he will do one and a half times in which Osman Bey will be harmed. 

But then Osman Bey’s sword will bury him in the ground. We are well aware of that too Before talking about Osman Bey and Sultan Masood at the Seljuk Palace, they talk about Nikola’s spy Zoe. Zoe’s appearance as a spy must have failed to surprise you very much Because we have told you many times that the chances of Zoe being a spy are increasing day by day Especially after coming to the tribe,

she was almost declared a spy We are well aware of its purpose But being a spy for Zoe is a defeat for Malhun Hatun somewhere Because she could not recognize Zoe with her sharp eyes But now it is also feared that Malhun Hatun may not have dug a pit for himself with his own hands. That is, Zoe must be planning to harm Malhun Hatun and her baby As Nicola told him, we will lose hope for Osman Bey’s child The joy of seeing children on the face of Osman Bey has made us forget the differences not only about Bala Hatun but also about Malhun Hatun. 

The clash between Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun in the last will probably be the last clash Zoe Hatun arrives at the tent just like Noyan’s sister Alanguya, who appears to be in Dirilis Ertugrul. What will be his next step? talk about it We’ve seen Zoe Hatun often make syrup. And he is a special servant of Malhun Hatun. Maybe he will try to poison Malhun Hatun through syrup. 

That is, she will try to kill Malhun Hatun’s child But it would not be wrong to call this a failed attempt Because Bala Hatun will be that will save Malhun Hatun Their differences are in place, but Bala Hatun will never allow Malhun Hatun to suffer such a loss. Moreover, Bala Hatun is not satisfied with Zoe Maybe he should keep an eye on it And at the same time know his intentions 

If that happened then it would bring Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun closer together And their grievances will end In one scene of the trailer, we saw Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun Where Bala gives her handmade maps or gloves to Malhun Hatun She says she made it for herself and Osman Bey’s child These words of Bala Hatun are somewhere in our hearts The same thing will happen with Malhun Hatun After all, she is also a woman It is clear from his facial expressions that he is well aware of the plight of Bala Hatun And trying to understand it Such scenes will gradually clear up all of Malhun Hatun’s differences Also,

the way Bala Hatun has shown patience, it seems that she will no longer seem to disagree with Malhun Hatun. We told you we would see Sultan Masood again soon and that’s what happened And as we said, the letter in the hand of Osman Bey also proved to be sent by the Sultan In the new trailer, we see Osman Bey with Sultan Masood in Konya Palace He had to consult Sultan Masood in view of the war situation,

So he went there But what will be the plan there is very interesting We know very well the problems that Sultan Masood is facing at the moment Even if he wanted to, he might not be able to help Osman Bey militarily But remember that both will do such tricks that the Byzantines will have to face Another important thing that no one can ignore is Osman Bey’s statement to Sultan Masood that we do not need to prepare for war. 

Everyone is curious about the reason behind this scene It is not that the storm has subsided and Osman Bey and Nikola will sit in peace, but the clashes will continue. The reason for Osman Bey’s statement may be that he may have realized the weakness of the enemy And they can easily defeat it Or Osman Bey will make a peaceful move but the first possibility is a little more If we talk about which big character will leave the series soon,

It could be Governor Leo Leo, the governor of Belick Castle, helped Osman Bey a lot and we are well aware of that But Nicola is serious about it now Maybe he’ll kill Governor Leo before the big fight It is possible that Osman Bey tried to save him In the awareness Article about the emperor’s son named Mikhal in the series, we will talk about whether he is the same Kose Mihal who is Osman Bey’s historical companion.

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 will be released on June 19 Be sure to like and share the Article Did the scenes from Cerkutay remind you of Bamsi Bey in the last episode and are you looking forward to seeing Aygul and Cerkutay’s wedding soon? Be sure to let us know in the comments box See You Soon!

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