Kurulus Osman Episode 64 Trailer 1 (Season Finale)

Kurulus Osman Episode 64 Trailer 1 (Season Finale)

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Hello friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Full of action, emotion and suspense Epof the Kurulus Osman series brought a lot of color to the screen. The viewers enjoyed themselves Curiosity about the new trailer added to the interest But sadness also filled the hearts of the fans This sadness will seem to increase with each passing day The long wait will make the fans restless But for now, the explosive Epof the season finale remains to satisfy everyone Fans have high hopes for the season finale But remember that the last episode will have a lot of surprises and great events That should be sufficient enough to win our hearts 

In today’s Article, we will cover the many great events that will grace the finale of the season. 

  • We will talk about whether Zoe will be able to kill the child of the Malhun through poison And the Malhun’s fear will turn into reality Who is Sultan Masud going to fight with? 
  • Has Osman Bey killed Commander Ducas in the trailer itself? What would be the real purpose of Osman Bey’s meeting with white beard ?
  •  Where and how can Malhun be poisoned?
  •  Will Zoe’s secret not be revealed this season? 
  • Whose wedding can be seen in the season finale? Why not Inegol Fortress Victory in the season finale? 

This may have happened on the way back to Ducas Castle But remember, if not in this scene, then in another scene But Ducas is set to die in the next installment As for Nikola, she is not very attached to Ducas already On the contrary, there are some differences between them Nikola himself would easily get out of it all And the wreckage of all events and defeats will fall on Ducas So even the emperor will not be able to say anything to Nikola And with the loss of power,

Nikola will have to step back But now the question is whether this war has brought the Bantinis and the Seljuks to the battlefield We saw Sultan Masud and his army dressed in war clothes in the trailer Viewer: If Osman Bey solves this issue on his own, Osman Bay will not have to jump into the fray. 

But if Macedonia’s military becomes more powerful, Sultan Masud’s help will be needed But it is possible that after Osman Bey’s next plan, the Byzantines will come to their senses And they retreated and behaved as before with the Seljuks And they will agree to re-tax the Seljuks Let’s talk about Zoe, whose intentions are coming to the fore with each passing day We’ve already told you that Zoe will try to poison the Malhun To kill their child She was seen doing all her planning in

the last episode Another Malhun who doubted everyone was not to tell anyone about this good news This news has not been announced so everyone is thinking that the fear of the said Malhun will not change in reality. Viewers don’t have to think much about it On the contrary, according to our estimates, Kurulus Osman Episode 64 Trailer 1 (Season Finale)

the Bala will be seen to be involved in this matter That is, he is looking at Zoe And it will tell you every step of the way We saw in the trailer that Zoe has also got poison If we talk about when and where she can poison Malhun Hatun In one of the scenes of the viewers’ trailer, a Malhun is seen sitting There were some glasses of syrup in front of them 

This is probably the place to be Or as the Malhun asked Zoe to bring a pomegranate Zoe poisoned the woman with it But the lady will take care of everything at the right time And save the life of the bridegroom and his child 

This will make the Malhun and Bala a real friend Remember that Zoe’s truth will come out and she will be caught Later in the season finale, we will also see the celebration of the arrival of Osman Bey’s heir But at the same time, another celebration is expected In the last episode, we saw a very funny scene of Cerkutay ,mKurulus Osman Episode 64 Trailer 1 (Season Finale)

Where looked quite anxious for marriage And talked of getting married after getting the booty If you look at the battle scenes in the trailer, there is something loaded on the vehicles That is, Osman will also get a lot of booty Eventually, Cerkutay’s wish will come true And maybe in the next episode we’ll get to see Cerkutay and Aygul’s wedding Viewers ,Kurulus Osman Episode 64 Trailer 1 (Season Finale)

We first saw Osman Bey with white beards This will be their last meeting in the series, so here we can find important information The biggest thing he said about the establishment of the state that you patiently dreamed of Osman Bey, that time is very close. This was a great sign From here, only those with white beards will show

Osman Bey the next way What can be done in the coming time and how to take action, then why Inegol can not be a victory this season And when will this fort be seen next season?

 We will tell you about this in the next Article  Viewers The season finale Epof Kurulus Osman will air on June 23 If you like the Article, please like and share it Viewers Which scene of the last Epof managed to get your full attention? Be sure to mention it in the comment box See You Soon!

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