Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 50 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 50 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 50 Urdu Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman Season 2 is slowly coming to an end One action packed Ep took away all the fan complaints And not for a moment did he let them off the screen Crazy action and suspense fans enjoyed Ep 50 And expressed great interest and liking Another thing that was noted in Season 2 is that the story of the series is moving extraordinarily slowly. Even if Dundar’s case is kept on the sidelines, countless incidents are still being delayed Well,

let me tell you –

  • it will be a long time coming Why won’t Inegol’s victory be seen this season? 
  • Why is the role of the governor of Yarhisarand and Kalanos mixed? 
  • What great historical war awaits us now What a great trap Kala shaman Togay will lay for Osman Bay Will there be an attack on the army coming from the Turkish tribes? 
  • Why aren’t the white bearded sighs? 
  • When are you saying goodbye to the Savci Bay series? 
  • Why is the issue of reunification of Turkish tribes being exaggerated so much? 
  • Is Lena’s name going to change? 

Now you must Read the Article till the end to know the details of the interesting questions And subscribe to our channel The lack of action in the same Ep of Kurulus Osman had significantly affected the ranking of the series. 

And a single action-packed Ep has led the series to success This is because the Dirilis Ertugrul series has made fans accustomed to seeing action and great planning. Now the audience in Kala Shaman has the same expectations Well,

the season that started with a great fight is moving the story forward at a slower pace. The story progressed so slowly that it would not be possible to show Inegol’s victory this season Let me tell you the reason Viewers We has already told you that there will be great events before the conquest of Inegol Castle. 

They also talk about what are the big events Viewers We have seen a great historical war in the series which was the war of Armenia Now the battle of Dimanic is waiting for us An evil dark war which was won by Osman Bay 

This war will cause a lot of changes in the series After that, Osman Bay will also get a lot of support Which will be from the surrounding Turkish tribes Another big event that we have to see before the victory of Inegol will be a depressing event Which will definitely make us emotional That is, Savci will be martyred in the same battle History has shown

that Savci was martyred in the Battle of Dimanic The joy of war is one place but the martyrdom of Savci Bay will make Osman Bay very sad They also talk about what will happen to the Lena after Savci Bey Viewers let you know that this character has been around for a long time Lena will also appear next season Lena Khatun and

Savci Bey may not come up for the next average But you see that Lena has become a Muslim Soon the Lena’s name will be changed His name will be changed from Lena to Anaa According to history, Savci Bey’s wife’s name was Anna hatun Because she was very kind and loving, she is also called Kotlomelik, the Blessed Angel. From this point of view,

very soon the role of a woman will be seen in a good role One of the great events of the Dimanic War was the death of Kalanos Who will be a Byzantine commander Probably the Byzantine commander Kalanus himself martyred Savci Bay But in the full-time series, the role of Kalanos and Yarhisar’s governor Aris is confusing This is because in Qustuntunia, the emperor talked of sending Nikola to the Byzantine commander Kalanus. 

But on our way back from Qustuntunia we saw Governor Aris in front of Nikola When everyone was expecting Kalanos Speaking of Governor Aris, we think he will be killed in the next installment Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly The governor will die And there is a good chance of entry in

the next installment He may have ambushed Osman Bay or met Karchaisar when the time came Also, let’s talk about Kala Shaman togay who came to Kayi tribe in the last Ep . He also has Malhun just to tell him And be returned to the governor in exchange for the Malhun Surprisingly, such a thing could have been done by a Byzantine soldier or even a Mongol Viewers think that the whole plot is now against Osman Bay,

that’s why he came himself. Because by the time Osmana goes to Karachaisar, Togay must have already prepared the whole plan This is the first time Togay and Osman Bay will face a face-to-face battle It is possible that Togay killed the governor Viewers remember that Togay will make the whole plan together with Nikola If this plan is made in Inegol Fort, then Zulfiqar Darwish will pass all this information to Osman Bay In that case, Osman Bay will have to take action against his plan But they will definitely go to Karachaisar

 We will talk about white bearded people, but first we will talk about the unity of Turkish tribes Why is this alliance so important? And why this topic has been going on for so long Weavers have, in fact, been trying to unite the Turkish tribes for a long time But for some reason, this alliance always falls apart Whenever Osman Bay spoke of this alliance, he always spoke of the victory of Inegol Since the matter is not reaching a conclusion soon, the victory of Inegol will also be delayed for the same reason If this alliance happens soon, Inegol will win this season 

But if this season is close to the final, then this goal will be the victory next season. We saw in the trailer that Osman sent a message to all the Turkish tribes asking them to gather an army. Viewers If this army smells of the enemy and this army is attacked, then the mission of Osman Bay’s alliance with the Turkish tribes will remain incomplete. But it is unlikely that the army will be attacked Assistance from Turkish tribes could be beneficial to Osman Bay in Karachisar 

The role of the white-bearded men is greatly appreciated, from Dirilis Ertugrul to Krurulus Osman. But white beards have not appeared in the series for a long time Which is a concern for fans Viewsers white-bearded are actually led by Cunyet Arkan Who are famous and old actors of Turkey Considering his advanced age and health, he is not brought to the seat of Kurulus Osman. Their health is being taken care of in view of the global epidemic

 That’s why white beards have been missing from the series for so long But soon a scene will be shot with Cunyet Arkan and he will be brought back to Kurulus Osman. Viewers If you like our video, be sure to like and share it Kurulus Osman’s Ep number 51 will be released on March 24 How eager you are to see the action of Osman Bay in the next Ep ? You must tell us in the comment box See You Soon !

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