Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 38 English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 38 English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep38 English and Urdu Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman’s season two is moving forward with successful EpIt is impossible for the fans of this series to wait for the next Ep 35 this time made us realize that this series can beat the aggression 

What’s next in the story? 

  • And which big character of Dirilis Ertugrul will soon join Kurulus Osman? 
  • We will talk about this in detail and also explain the big plan behind the announcement of Osman Bey’s marriage to Targun hatun. And where is the story of the Aygul woman going? 
  • Osman will get the fort in the next installment but how? 
  • Will Yavlak Arsalan get Inegol fort? 
  • And will Osman bey elected as a leader? 

We will also talk about Zebat Samedov, a new character in the series If you want to know all this in detail, you must Read the Article till the end And subscribe to our channel First of all, let’s talk about this scene which has become a topic of discussion for everyone That is, Osman Bay’s decision to marry a Targun woman It is a fact that he will not marry a Targun woman But then why do they announce marriage They are doing all this under one plan But what is that plan? 

Everyone wants to know You must have guessed from Ep no That Osman Bey is suspicious of Targun Khatun And they also know that there is a traitor in the tribe Which is spreading the news For which he asks the woman above and the woman of Selcan to resolve the matter Osman Bey who wants to know the intentions of Targun hatun Because the lady above couldn’t do it And Targun Khatun has quickly escaped the game And no evidence was found in the upper hand 

The next plan begins and Osman Bey announces his marriage to Targun Khatun There are two possible reasons for this The first is that in this way the Targun’s will be closer to the woman in ‘Osman And we will know its purpose Secondly, when the war of Sardari started So the issue will be discussed that Osman Bey has no children While their two brothers have children And the chief cannot be without the heir 

That is why they will announce the marriage This is one of the reasons why Osman Bey did not marry Targun hatun That Targun hatun plays a guest actress And after a while, his role will disappear from the series At the end of the last Ep, the way this Osman entered the fort No one was left in the Fort Now let us explain everything in detail here Of course, Osman Bey has made a strong attack on

the fort this time Ayankola is also in their hands But here they will only save Savci Bey and Dundar You must have seen these scenes in the trailer Osman will set fire to the barren land and leave with his brother and uncle Now the question is when the fort will be conquered So Weavers Fortress will be victorious in the next EpBut not in the beginning scenes If you remember, Osman brought Flatius with his castles He was unconscious But in the trailer he was seen entering the fort on horseback 

We think he was chasing Osman Bey but couldn’t catch him He then sits comfortably with his head bowed in front of the aya nikola, where Dundar and Savci Bey were. This means that in the opening scenes, the confirmed fort will not be conquered Let us now turn our attention to another important scene Where Boran Alp and Goktug disguised as Byzantine soldiers And they are in the castle 

This seems to be another great plan of osman Bay And this twelve forts will be conquered Speaking of aygul, his story is the center of attention at the moment Everybody knows that Aygul used to love Osman Bay That is why she now wants to work as a soldier for Osman Bay As you can see, while leaving the fort, she also encounters a sharp object that hit Osman Bey Which sticks to his arm Fans are currently in suspense as to where Aygul’s character is heading We told you earlier that she is going to replace the Selcan woman in the series 

The role of the Aygul woman will attract more people in the future Because after a while, the story of Aygul and Goktog is about to begin Yawlak Arsalan had talked about conquering Inegol Fort in the last EpBecause Yavlak Arsalan is head of Sardar’s at the moment, he wants to show how strong he is Many Turkish chiefs are also on his side Even the Mongol Cerkutey When he said that he would conquer this round fort, Osman Bay replied that he would not be able to get this round fort. Only my brother and uncle will suffer Now you know what happened to Dundar Bay and Savci Bey Osman had left unharmed Dundar Bey and Savci Bey forts 

But the scene of Yavlak Arsalan going to the fort was not shown We think that in the next Ep, Yavlak Arsalan will be seen returning unsuccessfully Of course, he will not be able to get such a round fort It is possible that this is all a sham and his plan will be something else Ever since the announcement of Boxer SameDov’s participation in Kurulus Osman, everyone Waiting to see him in Kurulus Osman Eventually,

the fans’ wait is over and they will have an entry in Kurulus Osman In fact, there is a very strong entry And you all saw how they helped Osman Bey during the attack on Sugut He introduced the series as Gencge Bay After which they left Someone wants to know when their character will be seen again We don’t think they will be guest actors 

That is, their role will not end soon Rather, their role will be seen again and again There are many characters in Dirilis Ertugrul that fans are eager to see in Kurulus Osman. Earlier, at the insistence of the fans, Ertugrul Bey was included And Abdul Rahman Ghazi’s was also returned to Osman This time your favorite character Malik Shah is about to return He will be brought back as Malik Shah Ghazi His role will soon be seen in Season Two If you like the Article be sure to like it Kurulus Osman Ep36 released on December 2 If you want to see our analysis on another series Tell us in comment Box See you soon!

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