Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 38 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 38 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep38 English and Urdu Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv. Kurulus Osman Ep36 won the hearts of people. All secrets that were hidden in story revealed in this Ep. Fans pleased at Osman Bey’s action as well as they were emotional when Bala was sad. 

Targun Hatun’s secret is revealed But still there are many questions that audience wants to know the answer.

  •  Will Goktug Alp be martyer? 
  • Osman Bey will conquer kulucahisar castle but will Geyhatu once again attack Kayi tribe? 
  • Osman Bey will save Targun Hatun’s father and now will Osman bey marry Targun Hatun? 
  • When Ertugrul Bey will die? 
  • Dundar Bey wants to become the Kayi Bey by arrange a council of Beys. What will be result of it? 
  • What treachery will be made by Savci Bey against Osman Bey? 
  • Why Osman bey doesn’t tell Bala Hatun the truth of his marriage with Targun? 

If you want to know the answer of all these question, watch the Articles till end. And subscribe to our channel. First of all, we’ll talk about your favourite character Goktug Alp. Who was in kulucahisar castle with Boran Alp as per the order of Osman Bey. so that they can help Osman Bey, when they come to conquere castle. 

But at the same time when they are opening the gate of the fort, they shoot about 5 to 6 arrows It was an emotional scene for the fans Goktug is one of the demanding characters of Kurulus Osman Everyone is ready to see them Let me tell you here that Goktug Alp will be seriously injured But they will not be martyrs On the contrary, they will recover soon and they will be seen again in Osman Bey So no need to worry As you can see, there is a lot of pressure from Geyhato to make peace between Nicola and Osman Bey. Everyone, including Dundar, Savci and Gonduz Bey agrees to this peace And Yavlak Arsalan calls both of them to him for peace

 The bitterness between Nicola and Savci shows how long this peace will last At the same time, it is reported that Osman Bey has conquered Kuluchaisar Let me tell you, this news will upset Dundar and Savci more than Nicola If we talk about Geyhatu who has clearly threatened to attack his tribe. Earlier,

the Geyhatu Kayi tribe had come to attack but was thwarted by Osman Bey Geyhatu who looks scared of Osman Bey He fears that if this continues, Osman will fulfill his dream of creating a stateless state That is why he will try his best to stop Osman Bey We don’t think he will come to the Kayi tribe this time On the contrary, Gehatu will demand an answer from Yavlak Arsalan Because he had made Yavlak Arsalan Bey’s Head for the same reason so that he could control Osman Bey But it is not enough for Yavlak Arsalan to do so 

The sadness Bala Hatun above has definitely made the fans very emotional But there is no need to worry because Osman Bay will not marry Targan It happened just as we told you And when Targun and Osman fought, the truth of Targun came to light But Osman Bay did not tell this truth to anyone Instead, he announced his marriage to the Targun woman 

After this fight, Targan hatun has definitely come to the side of Osman Bey And now she will do everything at the behest of Osman Bey Osman Bey plans to marry Targan Khatun To convince Nicola that Targun hatun’s position in the Kayi tribe has been strengthened. And so it was that when Nicola found out that Targun was getting married to Osman Bey, 

he was very happy What is the need of this marriage now when Osman will conquer the fortified Kuluchaisar fort and save the father of Targun Khatun? Until now, Targun had been Nicola’s spy under duress And she was telling Nicola about Osman Bey And now when Osman Bey will save her father, then she will voluntarily join Osman Bey and take him to Nikola with false news. But in any case,

the marriage of Osman and Targun will be canceled Blala Hatun who calls herself Osman Bey for a second marriage, but her heart is very sad Osman Bey knows this but why doesn’t he tell Bala Hatun the truth that announcing his marriage to Targun Khatun is nothing but a plan We think that very soon Osman will tell this truth to Bala Hatun 

Let us now turn to the topic of what is now a dangerous situation That is, the battle for the throne has begun Now everyone will be seen trying to become a leader The Ertugrul situation is very bad at the moment He is due to leave the series soon and may die in the next Ep Here Dundar Bey announces that he will convene a jirga and elect Sardar before the death of Ertugrul Bey. Now, of course,

Whip will be against Osman Bey because he can’t stand Osman Bey’s further victories. But Savchi Bey, on the other hand, seems to be doing just that Not long ago, however, Osman Bey rescued Savci and Dundar Bey from Nikola But still they will forget this and look against Osman Bey Lena who took Savci Bey is currently inciting against

Osman Bey We will definitely lay a big net for Osman Bey However, he had earlier said that he could not kill Osman Bey But they will make this mistake even if they are angry And they will carry out a deadly attack on Osman Bay Ep No. 37 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on Wednesday night, December 9 Which scene of episode 3 did you like the most? You must let us know in the comment box If you like the Articles, please hit Like See you soon!!

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