Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 39 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 39 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep39 English Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman’s Season 2 is becoming the heartbeat of the fans Each Epis very interesting It is impossible to wait for the next installment after that In addition, the great toast in the story has further increased the curiosity of the fans Everyone wants to know 

What will happen next in the story Here are the details of many important events The trailer will tell you

  • That Annal Bey has been spotted in the forest How did they get there Will the Targun woman succeed in saving her father? 
  • In the next Ep, you will see what a great battle and action-packed scene Ertugrul has chosen the name of the new Kayi Bey Who will be the new leader? 
  • What mission are Gunduz and Savci going on together? 
  • When Osman returns from Be Geyhatu So Cerkutey was with them But when the tribe arrives, Cerkutey does not accompany them Where is he What will be the attitude of Ertugrul Bey towards the attempt to elect a Bey as soon as he is alive? 
  • Who will be held responsible for all this? 

Geyhatu who is now sitting on the Mongol throne What a terrible punishment for Osman Bey for plotting murder 

There will be more information You must Read the Article to know all this And be sure

Let’s start with this scene first Where the Epended When the battle to elect a new chief of the tribe reached its climax So it was seen that Ertugrul Bey is sitting on the seat of Bey And when everyone enters the tent So be surprised that at the same time everyone will be ashamed The reason is that Ertugrul Bey is alive Attempts were being made to make a new chief Which was an insult to Ertugrul Bey Ertugrul Bey,

who knows what he was trying to do during the jirga Here you will find Ertugrul Bey very angry with Dundar Bey and Savci Bey Osman is very happy here But surprisingly, even Osman Bey will be criticized for taking such bad steps without permission. You see Ertugrul Bey’s meet Cunyet Arkan From which this thing has come to light 

That Ertugrul Bay has chosen the name of the new chief But here everything is going to be contrary to your expectations Because everyone thinks that Ertugrul Bey will take the name of Osman Bey for the new leader. But it will not happen Let me tell you the reason Viewers You see that Argun Khan is dead Geyhatu is currently sitting on the Mongol throne Obviously,

he will be more powerful now On the other hand, you saw that Osman Bey, along with Yawlak Arsalan, tried to assassinate Geyhatu. Geyhatu, in turn, gave the first answer that Kayi’s had been given only three days to hand over Sogut and Kuluchaisar to the Byzantines. But that is not all Gahatu will try his best to kill Osman Bey And if Osman Bey is made the leader, 

then Geyhatu will be even more hostile to Osman Bey Ertugrul Bey who is trying to save Osman Bey again That is why he will not be elected by the chiefs So that it does not come into the eyes of the enemy Now the question is that whose name Ertugrul Bey will announce Savci Bey or Gunduz? So the best chances here are that they will take the name of Gundoz Bey Because you all saw that during all the affairs, 

Gundoz seemed to cool down the non-combat And instead of calling the chiefs claimants That is to say, he is on the side of Ertugrul Bey Speaking of Savci Bey, who had the biggest hand in fanning the flames There is little room for Savci to be elected chief But to see more lust for their leadership, Ertugrul Bey can be named Savci bey Another reason why Osman Bey’s name is not mentioned as bey is

that Osman Bey is still doing his own thing. If he was made chief Then they will not listen to anyone Now let’s talk about such scenes in the trailer Which, of course, made the Article an overnight sensation When the battle scenes are shown, all the Alps of Osman Bey and Bamsi Bay are also fighting with the Byzantines. Even Targun has been seen fighting The first point is that, surprisingly, Osman Bey is not in this fight Secondly,

the Targun woman’s father, Inal Bay, who was imprisoned by Nickola in Inegol Castle, is in the forest. Where everyone is fighting What’s really going on here? It is possible that Inal Bey was being sent elsewhere and that Osman bey’s spies had spread the word to Osman Bey. But the chances are slim Because it looks like Nickola himself sent Inal Bey there and set a trap It is possible that Targun saved his father here 

You must have loved Cerkutay’s scenes in this Ep Cerkutay’s character has been well-received before But as we said, Cerkutay will become a Muslim and will be seen with osman Bey. same happend as But Cerkutay was with Osman Bey on his return from Geyhatu, but when Osman Bey arrives in tribe, Cerkutay is not with them. You see, Cerkutay wants to atone for his sins and become a Muslim So we think he is with Komral Abdal And soon

he will become a Muslim, after which, he’ll be seen with Osman Bey, there is another curious scene in additio, in which Savci Bey and Gunduz Bay are going somewhere You know that Kayis will be given three days to surrender to the Byzantines. The mission to resolve this issue will be given Savci Bey and Gunduz Bey by Ertugrul Bey. 

Like our Article Any scene which we couldn’t explain but you want to know bout that you can ask in comment box. I’ll answer your that question in my next Article Kurulus Osman Ep39 will be released on 23 December Wednesday night. Which scene of Ep38 impressed yu very much? And did you like Goktug and Cerkutay’s again meetup? 

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