Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 41 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 EpisoEpde 41 English Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The Epreleased last night of Kurulus Osman brought tears to the eyes of the fans Many scenes were more emotional than expected Ertugrul Ghazi, a character who has ruled the hearts of fans for years, was seen in the last scene. 

So no one could control their emotions Ertugrul Ghazi, who bites like an arrow in the hearts of enemies When separated from their loved ones, no one could control their emotions The death of Ertugrul Ghazi deeply saddened the fans while the love of the three brothers made the scene interesting.

 On the one hand, there was the Algedonic over the death of Ertugrul Ghazi On the other hand, many dangerous incidents are also arising Ertugrul Ghazi apparently decided who the next chief was But he could not name the new chief of the Kayi tribe 

  • This will be the beginning of a new war Dundar who will now openly betray What will Osman Bey answer? 
  • What will be the decision of the jirga convened for Bey? 
  • Will Savci Bey come to terms with his wife and forget his brother’s love again? T
  • argun woman who has fallen in love with Osman Bey What will be the end of this love? 
  • Will Targun marry Osman? 
  • Is the end of Dundar and Hazal very close? 
  • Yavlak Arsalan will be seen doing a great deed for the Kayi in the upcoming Ep. Ayanikola who was injured by Bamsi Bey Flatius is currently in prison So is Inegol conquest so close? 

It will also give you a lot of important information about the great events that are coming If you want to know this, you must watch the video till the end And subscribe to our channel Ep39 was very strong The death of Ertugrul Ghazi saddened the hearts of all But now everyone is focused on Osman Bey Everyone wants to see him as the new leader 

But now, after the death of the powerful Bey, everything seems to be in disarray Because Ertugrul Ghazi could not announce the new chief But Bamsi Bey and Abdul Rehman Ghazi, including white beards, know that Osman’s name was on Ertugrul Bey’s mind. In addition, Gunduz Bey has also hinted at this And everyone is in suspense about what will happen to Savci Bey Which way will they be seen? 

Because Ertugrul Ghazi’s death, every time the two brothers spoke of love and hugged So the fans also became very emotional And it seemed that the alliance of the three brothers had the power to defeat any enemy But when Savci Bey was seen talking to Lena in the trailer So everyone was somewhat upset Because Lena reminded Savci Bey of his old goal that he deserves to be the leader. But it remains to be seen whether Savci Bey will once again forget his brother’s love And

they will be seen fighting for Bey So viewers we think will all look a little different now Because Savci will not be seen opposing Osman On the contrary, they will still be silent Because during this time, the betrayal of Dundar will come to light We have already told you that Dundar will be seen distributing gold to become a leader And now that the time has come, so be it Because Ertugrul could not tell name of new bey in the jirga, the jirga will be called again 

So that the leader can be elected immediately But before that, Dundar distributed gold among the chiefs of the tribe and this news was also spread by Boran Alp to Osman Bey. And then the jirga was called But then Osman Bey announced that he did not believe in this fake jirga He may also criticize the chiefs here We think this jirga will be fruitless 

Let me tell you that Osman will be new bey We can also see Yavlak Arsalan in the upcoming installment supporting Osman Bey to become Sardar. Now, because the betrayal of Dundar will be exposed Then Osman Bey will face it to the fullest And Osman Bey will also be elected chief But then when Savci Bey will also be on the side of Dundar So no one will be left with Dundar And he will resort to the enemy for conspiracy against Osman Bey And maybe we’ll see Dundar meet Nicola again But shaking hands with Nicola would be Dundar’s last betrayal After which they will reach the end with the help of Osman Bey 

Now let’s talk about Targun hatun. As we said, it happened Targun told Nicola that she would bring Osman Bey to her In return, Nicola will leave her father We also told you that Osman would be unseen in this fight So far we have proved to be right but then we also told you that there are only 2 options Either Targun and his father will die or both will die 

Now that both Targun and his son have survived And the tribes have arrived So the story is going to be even more interesting Because before that we saw that Targun hatun has fallen in love with Osman Bey But the thing to note here is that Targun did not just talk about getting Osman Bey in his love Rather, she talks about snatching Osman Bey from Bala And she also says that she can’t stand Osman Bey in the arms of Bala 

There was a surprising reaction from the fans It was later seen in the trailer that she would marry Osman Bey and become his wife After that, everyone was even more amazed at what was going to happen next So we have been telling you from the beginning that Targun hatun will not marry Osman Bey No wonder we see Targun hatun here against Bala hatun And you all know that Osman Bey’s marriage to Targun hatun was just a plan 

Therefore, this marriage will never be a reality Now let’s talk about Nicola who was injured by Bamsi Bey And lying in the carrot On the other hand, Commander Flatius is also currently in the custody of the vomiters So the question is that the victory of Inegol Fort is very close So this is a great opportunity for Kayi’s 

But because now the issue of choosing a new chief in the tribe has not been resolved yet So it will not be easy to take any step for the victory of Inegol But I will tell you that his first victory after becoming the chief of Osman Bey will be this round fort EpNo. 40 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on December 30 Ertugrul Bey who ruled you for years and remained everyone’s favorite character In the last Ep, his role is over Which dialogue of Ertugrul Bey or which thing you will miss the most You must tell us in the comment box See you soon !!

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