Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 41 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 41 Urdu Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends Welcome to Purjosh Tv The story of Kurulus Osman Season 2 is at a point where we will see countless major changes. Everyone knew that the scene of Ertugrul Ghazi’s death would be emotional But it was not expected that everyone would become so emotional After such a great Ep , the eyes of the fans are on the next Ep What’s going to happen next in the story? Everyone is looking forward to it 

In today’s Article we will tell you

  • how and when the war of Sardari will end After Lena and Hazal’s alliance broke down, will Hazal be seen with Targan now? 
  • There will be an entry of Malhun Hatun Or Targan will be seen as Malhan What secret mission is Cerkutay on? When will he return? 
  • And will he leave the series soon? 
  • Dundar and Hazal who are more traitors When will they reach their end? 
  • Will Geyhatu return? 
  • And all matters will become more complicated At last, we will talk about your favorite character Turgut Alp We will give you important information about his return to Kurulus Osman 

If you want to know all this, you must watch the Article till the end And subscribe to our channel Saying goodbye to Ertugrul Ghazi’s series made everyone very sad But not announcing their new chief made matters worse Because the issue of Sardari has been going on for a long time So fans are fed up with this issue And we want this to end So we think this is the one that has confused every bit of it, let’s end it in the next installment. 

But now this issue will not be seen in more than one or two Ep In the next Ep, the last events of the war of Sardari are waiting for us We have already told you that the issue of Sardari will not last long Because as soon as Ertugrul Ghazi passed away, fans want to see Osman Bey as the immediate leader. Osman Bey already wanted to be made Sardar because of his tribe But this time the war will be over And ‘Osman will be victorious 

That is, new chiefs will be elected It will not be so easy But soon the matter will come to an end However, during this time, the open betrayal of Dundar will come to light But on the other hand, Savci Bey’s character is improving He will be seen standing with his brother 

Let Osman become the leader But then it is not correct to say that the fork of the name Dundar has gone out of the way Dundar will not try to become Sardar after that Rather, he will become the mortal enemy of Osman Bey The question on everyone’s mind is when will Dundar reach its end Let me tell you, Dundar will not die so soon His role is still a long way off They also tell you why Dundar’s character lasted so long Ertugrul Ghazi has left the series forever Geyhatu is currently missing from the scene Yavlak has formed an alliance with

Osman Bey Savci has also embraced Osman Bey since the death of his father Nikola is now seen as the enemy He is also seriously injured If the balance of the series is not disturbed, then the negative deeds of Dundar will be exposed. Dundar, who no longer has any allies Because Yavlak and Savci are with Osman Bey So he will shake hands with Nicola Instead, he will try to kill Osman Bey along with Nicola But if we talk about Dundar,

he will not die at the hands of Osman Bey According to history, Dundar Bey was assassinated after Osman Bey became the ruler of the Ottoman Empire We don’t think we will get rid of Dundar till the end of the season Then comes Hazal Hatun Who made Lena a participant in his conspiracies But on the death of Ertugrul Ghazi, Savci was deeply saddened So Lena also looked very depressed As Savci Bey and Lena’s character improves So Lena’s nexus with Hazal will end After which Hazal hatun will be alone 

But there is an opportunity Hazel’s new ally will be Targun hatun About which we told you that she will use various tactics to get Osman Bey And in all this he will have the help of a hazal woman In the meantime, we will see the issue of not having children of Osman Bey under discussion many times At the same time, Malhun talks about the woman’s case Because this issue has been very active since Targun’s entry As far as Targun’s marriage to Osman Bey is concerned So everyone is very confused about Targun and Malhan hatun 

Because now Targun and his father have been saved So what are you waiting for? Why don’t they go to their tribe? This is because after the death of Ertugrul Bey, there was no major topic left in the series except Sardari. That is why in the last Ep we have seen Targun’s love for Osman Bay and it has been pointed out that Targun’s role in the series has been slightly enhanced. Remind you that this role will not be too long Because this issue has been created to maintain the balance of the series And this case will be closed before the entry of the lady 

Now let’s talk about Cerkutay Whose character was improved after a great change Since then, Cerkutay’s role in the series has improved It was not shown again Everyone wants to know where is the Carkotay who came back from the Geyhatu camp with Osman Bey. Cerkutay is now, of course, a close associate of Osman Bey We think Osman Bey sent him on a secret mission Osman Bey may have sent him to find out about Nicola’s soldiers and his actions In this way, Cerkutay will play a major role in the ongoing campaign for the conquest of the Inegol fort Earlier in the season, Prince Slvador became a Muslim And as Siddique,

he played a key role in the conquest of Kuluchiasar Now let’s talk about Mongol Geyhatu He was last seen when Osman Bey was planning to kill him Now that the Byzantines are facing Osman, they look very weak On the other hand, the Mongols are also missing Because enemies are now expected to arrive in the series So everyone is thinking about Geyhatu Let me tell you, a scene from Geyhatu can be seen But he will not attack the tribe, but the palace 

Now let’s talk about Turgut Alp So the fans are talking loudly demanding the return of this character Because Ertugrul Bey has moved into the series So fans are expecting the return of Turgut from Forn Let us explain this issue to you We have been saying for a long time that if the role of Turgut Alp was included,

he would not be And if a small acre is brought up for this role, no one can stop it from being criticized by the fans. Because everyone wants to see Cengiz Coşkun If a strong actor like Cengiz Coşkun is brought So this may affect the role of Osman Bey Therefore, no such change is expected from the producer’s Well, now it’s time for Baihoja to arrive 

It looks like this character will appear in the next one to two Ep No. 40 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on Wednesday night, December 30 If you like our Article, please like it Be sure to mention Turgut Alp’s return to Kurulus Osman in the comment box See you Soon !!

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