Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 42 English And Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 42 English And Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 42 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends ! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman’s crazy fans are looking sad The reason is that they have to wait a long time for the new installment Surprisingly, even after a week, the trailer of the Ephas not been released Which is adding to the suspense of the fans 

Today’s Article will tell you many important things 

  • When are you going to join the Malhun Hatun series? 
  • Who gave the news of the chiefs called Osman Bey in Sogut and their names to Nikola? 
  • Which new soldier of Osman Bey is joining the series? 
  • What great work will Amir Abdul Aziz do for Osman Bey as soon as he arrives? 
  • Is there still time to say goodbye to the Bamsi Bey series? 
  • And what great duty will Bamsi Bey perform? 
  • When will the conquest of Inegol Fort be seen? 
  • Who is in charge of the protection of the fort at the moment? 
  • Or is the fort empty? 
  • Why isn’t Nicola attacking him? 

Lastly, this is great news for fans of Turgut Alp To know all this, you must watch the Article till the end and also subscribe to our channel First of all,

let’s talk about the chiefs who were invited by Osman Bey But he was killed by Flatyos before he reached Sogut Their bodies were taken to Sogut and a letter was also sent to Osman Bey Is this letter from Nicola’s? So far everyone is thinking If you remember, Osman Bey spoke of inviting the chiefs to Sogut when the whole family was invited to dinner. 

At the thought of this, everyone’s attention is drawn to Dundar Bay That he had met Nicola some time ago But if there was any such thing, Sultuk Alp would have given this news to Osman Bey Therefore, the chances of Dundar making this move are very low Here we draw your attention to another topic You all know how smart Osman Bey is And don’t trust anyone easily Although he saved Targun’s life and brought him back to his tribe, 

he still told Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun to keep an eye on Targun. But surprisingly, you saw how Petros easily won Osman Bey’s trust Osman Bey even gave him a shop in Sogut for trade But here it is all Osman Bey’s plan They are giving him so much leeway to know Petros’ intentions Come back to your topic again Flytious was the one who killed Beys We think Flytious is the pope’s man We have explained this in our previous Article Osman Bey also suspects Petros and his accomplice That is why they are kept in Sogut so that they can be monitored But it is still unknown at this time that behind the murder of Beys there is Petros And you all know

that the potter who informed Petros is Idris Now talk’s about old wolves Bamsi Bay News is circulating that he is leaving the series soon we give you detailed information about when to leave First of all, the actors playing the role of Bamsi Bey are participating in another project This news had been coming out for a long time But now it has come true And preparations have also started to say goodbye to him from the Kurulus Osman series The first indication was of a wound on Bamsi Bey’s arm But when is the time to leave the series? 

We also saw that Bamsi wanted to make Cerkutay his own And want to train them The wound on Bamsi Bey’s hand prevented him from holding the sword And as Bamsi fights without swords But now they will be able to fight with only one sword So we think they will give the second sword to Cerkutay Apparently, all the duties of Bamsi Bey have been fulfilled But the precious secrets he handed over to Bamsi Bey Petrus wants to get them In order to save these secrets,

Bamsi will be put to death But the sad news for you here is that when Bamsi Bey found out that there was a traitor potter Idris in the tribe. And he is passing all the information to Petrus But by the time Bamsi Bey finds out, he will be breathing his last But they will tell this truth to Cerkutay as they go So that Osman Bey could know about this betrayal 

Now let’s talk about Malhan Khatun and Omar Abdul Aziz After becoming the chief of Osman Bey, where he has to face many new enemies So new Turkish tribes are about to emerge Germiyanoğulları tribe mentioned in the last EpOsman Bey will talk to them about unity So we think for the first time their answer will be negative After which, for some time, there will be differences between

the Kayi’s and the Germiyanoğulları tribes But with the help of Seljuk Omar Abdul Aziz, this alliance will be established And they will also provide considerable political support to Osman Bey in establishing the state In addition, his daughter Malhan hatun will also marry Osman Bey Now the mention of Germiyanoğulları tribe in the series is taking us towards the entry of Malhun hatun and Omir Abdul Aziz. Osman wants to take the first step after uniting with all the Turkish tribes That is the victory of Inegol But at the same time, where was Osman Bey that it will not be easy to conquer Before this victory we will see a great battle between the Byzantines and the Kayi’s According to history,

this is the war of Armenia The details of which we have already told you Kuluchaisar which was re-conquered by the Kayi’s If we pay a little attention, no one is in charge of protecting it at this time After the first conquest, the fort was handed over to Gundoz Bey After his re-conquest, Osman Bey handed over the fort to Bamsi Bey But now everyone is in the tribe Or away from both the tribe and the fort That is to say, the Gonduz tribe and the Bamsi have come to be seen as dishonest Nikola, whenever he saw an opportunity,

thought of attacking Kuluchaisar Surprisingly, Nikola is no longer talking about withdrawing from Kuluchaisar Because in history, Kuluchaisar Fort was conquered twice And this has happened in the series as well So no Nicola attack will be seen again And because Ertugrul Bey in his will also asked his brothers to delegate duties So Osman Bey will give Gonduz Bey the responsibility of protecting Kuluchaisar And ask Savci Bey to make a peace deal with Nicola Also, we told you about a big character, Adem Kılıç, who has joined Kurulus Osman. 

We think in the next 1 to 2 Ephe will be in front of us as Osman Bey’s new Alp. The fans of Turgut Alp are adamant to see them in Kurulus Osman But now the big news has come out Cengiz Coşkun, whom everyone was eager to see He will play the lead role in the new series Yavaz Sultan Selim If you want to know the details of this series, please let us know in the comment box See you Soon !!

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep42 English and Urdu Subtitles Free

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