Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 42 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep42 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The frustration and long wait of the Kurulus Osman series fans is over He is now convinced that EpNo. 42 will be on air January 20 The trailer was a good surprise for fans But he left behind a lot of questions and curiosity of the fans There were countless incidents that left fans stunned 

In today’s Articles we will give you a lot of important information

  • When will the children of Osman Bey and Bala Hatun be born? 
  • Is Malhun seen in the trailer? 
  • If so, why isn’t her face shown? 
  • When will the betrayal of potter Idris come to light? 
  • Who will reveal its secret?
  •  Bayhoca’s Kurulus Osman has just entered two Epand will he say goodbye to the series in the next Ep? 
  • Will Osman lose valuable trusts? 
  • What is Kurmal Abdal Kayi tribes doing in the main tent of Osman Bey? 
  • What battle is Aygul and Bala Hatun going to with Osman Bey? 
  • Why is Nikola being given so much respect? 
  • Is the conquest of Inegol Castle so close? 

Also, to tell you more important things, you must watch the Articles till the end to know all this And subscribe to our channel First of all, let’s talk about the curious question: will there be children of Bala Hatun and Osman Bey? If so, when? Is Bala Hatun going to be a mother? Osman Bey was married to Bala Hatun in the first season But since the beginning of the second season, the issue of not having children has been discussed 

According to history, Osman Bey had two marriages But it is also true that Bala Hatun and Osman Bey also had a son Now everyone’s eyes are fixed on when will be the son of Bala Hatun? We don’t think Bala Hatun will be seen as a mother yet And this cannot happen before Malhun’s marriage to Osman Bey Even after becoming the chief of Osman Bey and the chief of Bala Hatun, they could not give any children to Osman Bey. But even after the news of Osman Bey marrying Malhun or becoming the mother, 

we can get this good news from Bala Hatun. But now the real news is that Malhun’s entry is not far away We’ve got a hint of that in the trailer Bala Hatun repeatedly asked Osman Bey to remarry But Osman Bey did not seem to agree But in the previous Ep, we learned that Ertugrul Ghazi had asked Osman Bey to remarry in his will. 

Now, of course, Osman Bey cannot turn away from his father’s will And now finally a glimpse of Malhun Hatun is also seen in the trailer But surprisingly, the woman’s face is completely covered Now fans are even more in suspense to see if this is really Malhun. If so, why was his face not shown? If you have noticed, Malhun Hatun in the tent of Osman Bey On the other hand, Osman

Bey is also seeing the Bala Hatun In fact, this is not the case Malhun Hatun can’t suddenly reach Osman Bey’s tent All this is the dream of Osman Bey Because after reading his father’s will, he is very confused And she is looking up on one side and Malhun on the other But when he tells Bala Hatun about Osman Bey’s will, then everything is true And we also find Bala Hatun very sad Now everyone is wondering whether Bala Hatun will allow Osman Bey to get married or not And will

she leave the series after the entry of Malhun hatun? This assumption about touching Bala Hatun series is completely wrong In the time to come, we will see Bala and Malhun together The woman above had earlier asked Osman Bey to marry her So she was very depressed So this time too she will allow Osman Bey to get married Now they tell you the reason for not showing the face of the woman seen in the trailer 

We have already told you that it was a dream But the entry of Malhun hatun coming soon And trying to increase the suspense of the fans by seeing this woman with a hidden face. At the same time, fans are being prepared for the entry of Malhun Now Talk about Potter Idris A few Epago we found out that Idris is a spy And it is going to be a big problem for the Kayi tribe and Osman Bey Everyone is waiting for his betrayal to come to light 

The villa will also be your favorite jerk to bring out the truth You see how Cerkutey stares at Petros When he comes to meet the tribe of Osman Bey And of course he will get to the relationship between Petros and Idris Savci’s son Bayhoca, who loves Osman Bey very much But in the upcoming trailer, it was seen that Bayhoca was seriously injured Everyone is wondering if Baihoca will say goodbye to the series so soon Earlier we told you the full details of the Armenian war And

it was also said that Baihoca would also be martyred in the same war It is possible that this is the war And Nikola has ambushed Osman Bey It is also a sign that Osman Bey killed the Byzantine soldiers with such fierce anger. That Osman has suffered a great loss There is another important issue at the moment Everyone is asking if the precious trusts will be stolen We all know what Osman Bey can do to protect these trusts Talk about rubbing scene in Trailer 

So no need to be afraid At that time, Osman has come without a tribe Let me also tell you that if Osman Bey is attacked along with these boxes, it is very possible that there will be no trusts in these boxes. Besides, Kumral Abdal has also been seen in the tribe but also in the tent of Osman Bey Osman is unhappy with their talk 

But fans are also impressed The reason why Kumral Abdal came to Osman Bey is that he has brought some important information for Osman Bey. Information that will reduce their grief Sadly, the reason for Osman Bey’s unhappiness is the brutal killing of the chiefs summoned to Sogut. In order to strengthen Osman Bey in this sad moment, he predicts the time to come and says that your generation will be known as Ottoman in the world.

Of course, they have also brought such information Which will be useful in the cost of the empire Apart from Aygul and Bala hatun, this time Goncha hatun has also been seen fighting with Osman Bey It also looks like Bala is dressed like a warrior

Information that will reduce their grief Sadly, the reason for Osman Bey’s unhappiness is the brutal killing of the chiefs summoned to Sogut. In order to strengthen Osman Bey in this sad moment, he predicts the time to come and says that your generation will be known as Ottoman in the world. Of course, they have also brought such information Which will be useful in the cost of the empire Apart from Aygul and Bala hatun, this time Goncha hatun has also been seen fighting with Osman Bey 

It also looks like Bala is dressed like a warrior Everyone here is amazed that when the scenes of the war were seen, none of the three women were seen there In fact, the trailer is full of scenes In fact, we can see two separate incidents of war In the great scenes of the war we did not see Bala Speaking of Nicola, we saw how everyone was bowing and honoring her What is the reason for this? 

However, in the previous Ep, the emperor had also refused to send troops This is because Nicola was involved in the assassination of the chiefs He killed the chiefs before Osman Bey planned to take a big step And since then, the great war has caused Nicola to wow But keep in mind that this will not last long Now Osman Bey will attack Nikola with more force than before and after more alliance with the Turkish tribes 

And if the scene in the trailer is about the battle of Armenia, then soon after that the fate of Inegol Castle is also waiting for us. Kurulus Osman’s Epnumber 42 will be aired on ATV screen on Wednesday night, January 20 Some of the highlights of Episode 42 shown in the form of a trailer may seem strange to you And how long have you been waiting for Ep42? You must tell us in the comment box See you Soon!

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