Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 42 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep42 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends ! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Ep2 of Kurulus Osman has a lot of color on the screen and received a lot of praise from the viewers. In this story, along with the action, there was also a full fluctuation of emotions As soon as the episode ends, fans look forward to the next EpBut surprisingly, the trailer was not released We will also tell you the reason for this 

  • Let’s talk about how many Epof Bamsi Bey’s character are left Targun’s role is over or not Will Targan and his Father return to take revenge on Osman Bey? 
  • What is the big secret behind the deportation of Targun Hatan and Goktug Alp together? 
  • Osman Bey invited all the Turk chiefs to Sogut, then all were killed except Yavlak Arsalan How Yavlak Arlsan survived Has he reunited with Nicola? 
  • What will be Dundar’s next plan? 
  • Are the distances between Bala hatun and Osman Bey increasing? 
  • What role will Cerkutay play in the series? 
  • Is it time for the entry of the bride and Umar Abdul Aziz? 

Osman Bey talks about conquering Inegol Fort Is this a sign of the return of Turgut Alp We will tell you more important things To find out, watch the video to the end and subscribe to our channel Let’s talk about such a tragic incident first Which made everyone’s heart sad Bamsi Bay is a character who always gets the full attention of the fans Bamsi Bay’s character has now won

the hearts of fans Everyone loves his fighting with two swords and creating humor in the story But sadly, that role is about to end We told you this a long time ago And in his last video he also said that Bamsi Bay will get a deep wound This is what happened to us. But we saw that the wound on Bamsi Bey’s hand deprived him of even holding a sword All these scenes made the fans very emotional 

But the fact is that now everyone seems to be very worried about their favorite Bamsi Bay And they are demanding to keep them in the series for a long time But Bamsi Bay’s deep wounds and what he said in the cave indicate that he will soon say goodbye to the series. He remembered his wife Hafsa and children in the cave 

That they are also coming towards him These scenes made the fans sad But we must now acknowledge the fact that Bamsi is about to break away from us Because Bamsi Bay has given trusts to Osman Bey This was his last duty And Osman Bey has taken responsibility for their safety And soon we’ll say goodbye to Bamsi Bay This incident will surely bring tears to the eyes of every eye And everyone will miss them so much To make up for this shortcoming and to keep their humor alive, we will look at Cerkutay here Besides, Targun’s case has now come to the fore 

He has also confessed his love for Usman Bay and poisoning Bala Hatoon We told you that Targun’s role would soon be over The truth has come out But Targun’s role is not over However, Osman Bey expelled Targun from the tribe But that is not all Turgun will not give up so quickly Surprisingly, Targun was expelled from the tribe instead of being severely punished for attempting to kill Bala Hatun. Which also caused the anger and resentment of Bala Hatun But at the time,

Osman Bey refrained from telling the lady the details of the decision Targun was slapped hard and then we saw that Goktugh Alp was also slapped and the tribe was expelled But more importantly, we saw Goktog Alp supporting Targun This is surprising but not so strange Because we have already told you that Osman Bey’s plan is to expel Goktug from the tribe. And that too when T

argun was expelled The reason may be that Osman Bey wants to know the intentions of Be Targun Who took such a big step as to poison Bala Hatun Perhaps Osman Bey suspects Targun of having a big enemy behind him Whatever it is, Goktog will unveil all these secrets Because now Goktog will be seen with Targun after gaining his trust 

Let’s take a look at Ertugrul Bey’s will We know that the will was written about chieftaincy But when the will came into the hands of Osman Bey, it was found out that Ertugrul Bey had also asked Osman Bey to remarry. The woman above repeatedly talking to him about his heir The character of Targun hatun becomes negative and goes towards its end And now the will of Ertugrul Bey is all pointing to the entry of Malhun hatun Y

ou saw that Osman Bey has started working on his original mission That is to unite the Turkish tribes and lay the foundation of a new state Meanwhile, we will see Osman Bey’s meeting with Omar Abdul Aziz Which will bring the bride to the life of Osman Bey We don’t have to wait long for that On the contrary, as soon as the chapter of Targun is closed, 

we will see the entry of Malhun Fans were waiting to see Yavlak Arsalan Ever since Yavlak Arsalan’s character got better, he has been missing But now that Osman Bey had become chief, he invited all the Turkish chiefs to Sogut 

So we also saw Yavlak Arsalan meeting Osman in Sogut But we saw that Nicola and Petrus had planned to kill all the chiefs together So that Osman Bey would not be more powerful than the alliance of these leaders This is what happened and the chiefs who came to Sugot were killed But surprisingly, Yavlak Arsalan, himself a Turkish chief, was not killed on arrival. 

In fact, it may not have been attacked At that moment, everyone was a little skeptical Is the reason for Yavlak Arsalan’s alliance with Nicola to be safe? We don’t think so Yaluk will never again be seen as a traitor But to some extent it is possible that Yaluk plans to unite with Nikola But the chances are slim Because now he knows the truth about Yavlak And it is possible that the enemy did not know the way to Yavlak So he was not attacked 

Let’s talk about Dundar So we told you that it was Alp Saltuq who was the nearest to him who would inform Osman Bey that this is what happened. And also that Osman will not kill Dundar yet But Dundar will now make big plans And it will be dangerous because he will no longer make any traitors public Rather, he will strike when Osman Bey is in dire straits 

We will see Dundar become an ally of any enemy of Osman Bey Now that the enemy is ready to attack from all sides So Osman Bey has also thought of fighting them together with his brothers In the meantime, we heard him talk about winning of Inegol Castle So everyone’s attention immediately went to Turgat Alp If Inegol’s victory is near, then when will Turgut Alp return? 

Osman Bey will face many difficulties before the victory of Inegol But before Inegol’s victory, Turgut Alp must return Because according to history, Osman Bey had appointed him as the governor of this fort We think the return of Turgat Alp will definitely happen But these roles will not be played by Cengiz Coskun And there is no word on who will play the role 

His return may be a surprise of some sort The story of Kurulus Osman is now at a very interesting juncture And it’s hard for the fans to wait for next Ep, so by not releasing the trailer of the next Ep, an attempt has been made to give the hint that The next episode may be delayed But no news has come out yet We will send you any information as soon as we receive it You must tell us in the comment box how you like Cerkutay’s funny words and what was your reaction to Bamsi Bay’s wound See you soon

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