Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 43 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 43 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello friend! Welcome to Purjosh Tv. The two consecutive trailers released for the fans of Kurulus Osman series were nothing short of a surprise. But fans still don’t understand what is going to change. 

To clear up the confusion about all the scenes in the trailer, we’ll share some important information with you in today’s Article . 

  • If the war seen in the trailer is not an Armenian war, then what is the reason for such a fierce battle? 
  • Won’t Bayhoca be a martyr? 
  • Osman Bay, speaking with his throne, said: You have even forced me to threaten my dearest ones What dearest is he talking about here? 
  • What is Nikola’s next plan? 
  • How have all the governors come under him? 
  • When will the wedding of Malhun Hatun and Osman Bay be seen? 
  • Seeing Osman Bay crying, everyone is worried about what is going to happen? 
  • What is the reason behind not appearing big characters in trailers including Turgun, Goktog and Bamsi Bay? 

Also, we’ll give you more important information, you must Read the Article till the. The two-week wait for Kurulus Osman’s Ep 42 was no less than a test for the fans. Well, now that time has passed And two trailers of the new Ep have also been released But all these scenes have increased the curiosity of the fans 

This is due to the unexpected events in the trailer After watching the events of the war, no one has yet understood which war it is. Is this a historic war? That is the war in Armenia The details of which we have already told you We don’t think this is an Armenian war Let me tell you why First of all, we think the historical period that the series is going through is a little behind the history of the Armenian War That is,

there is little time in this war This battle is close to the victory of Inegol castle Inegol’s victory is still a long way off Well, if this is not that war, then what is the reason for such a fierce battle and the fury of Osman Bay? 

There are two reasons for this. First, you all know how, according to the information given by Petros, Nicole martyred Turkish Beys by the hands of Flytious This is the first reason for Osman Bay’s wrath The second thing is that After all this, Nicola has to gather more troops and make a big plan against the Turks. 

Osman Bay must have heard of Nicola’s plan And he wants to kill a large number of Byzantine soldiers outside the fort before the victory of Inegol. So that the resistance during the siege of the fort did not come to light If you remember, he once shared this plan with his father Ertugrul Ghazi. Of course, this is not an Armenian war And that Osman Bay had planned this war the night before If not, what is the story behind Bayhoca’s injury? 

The fact is that we should get used to such surprises of our producer He always draws our attention to scenes similar to historical events And then the real story unfolds Like giving the impression of Malhun Hatun by bringing Targun in front Well, that’s the reason why Bayhoca is shown here injured or falling But the second trailer shows how hard Bayhoca strikes the Byzantine soldier Even so, it did not seem appropriate to say goodbye to the series so soon after Bayhoca’s entry Because right now we have to see Bayhoca and Osman’s emotionless, strong and loving scenes Indeed,

According to history, Bayhoca was martyred at the age of sixteen But more in the series we will be able to see it The war in Armenia and the martyrdom of Bayhoca will also be seen in this season Now let’s talk about Osman Bay who was seen crying This was very upsetting for the fans Earlier, when Osman Bay was seen crying in a trailer, it was learned from the Ep that Ertugrul Ghazi had passed away. 

That is why this time his crying has become a cause of fear for the fans Everyone is worried that this time they will not have to be separated from their beloved Bamsi Bey We don’t think it will happen this time Osman is sitting behind the throne crying The reason for this may be the sadness of the martyrdom of the Beys somewhere But the real reason is Bala hatun Let me tell you the details Osman Bey says addressing the throne “Oh throne, what do you want from me? you make me threaten even my most beloved ones.” 

It was surprising What kind of threat is Osman talking about? Everyone is interested to know about it Let you know from the beginning We know that Osman was elected Bey after a very difficult test And also that it is very important for the Bey to have children so that he can carry on his lineage Ertugrul Bay has also asked Osman Bay for a second marriage We all know that Osman Bay’s second marriage will hurt Bala Hatun 

Then it is not wrong for Osman Bay to be sad to see Bala Hatun in trouble Osman Bay’s threat here means that he has to tell Bala Hatun about his will and second marriage. As he said, there will be no game this time I will obey my father And there is no need to answer any question about who is the most beloved of Osman Bay Everyone knows how much Osman loves Bala Hatun Nicola who is flying in the air after killing the Turkish Beys We have seen how he has been honored for this feat 

The emperor who was not even ready to give him an army He has subordinated all governors to Nicola And increased Nicola’s power As soon as this happened, Nikola started a big plan against the Turks We see a glimpse of this in the trailer in the form of a battle between the Byzantines and the Qayis. Ever since Osman Bay got married and the issue of not having children has been under discussion Fans gave good arguments for the son of Osman Bey and Bala Hatun according to history And want to know when they will have a son? 

Before that we will see Malhun’s marriage to Osman Bey And later the son of Bala Hatun The relationship between Osman Bey and Malhan will be with us in the same season and very soon Some big characters are not revealed in the trailer Which is a source of concern for the fans As for Targun and Goktog, it is thought that we may not see them in the next Ep. And later their story should be taught 

We will definitely see Bamsi Bay Because it is not possible to portray each character in the trailer EpNo.42 will be presented to you on 20 January Like our Article . The reason for the delay in the Article on the new series Barbaros by the hero of Drilllash Ertugrul, Engin Altan, is that so far we have been answering your questions about the trailer. We will bring you a Article of Barbaros very soon See you soon.

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