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Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The Kurulus Osman series has captivated everyone with its great story and action-packed scenes. Fans’ two-week wait was not in vain The new Epwas so great that it surpassed all the Ep of the Kurulus Osman series so far. 

With each passing day, the story becomes more and more interesting 

  • What great loss will Osman Bey face while rescuing Bayhoca from the fort? 
  • In addition to Zulfiqar Darwish, Aristo cook and his daughter Iftaliya, Osman Bey’s and spy were seen in the fort. Which went unnoticed Who is he? 
  • When will we be able to see Osman Ghazi’s second wife and Orhan Ghazi’s mother Malhun hatun in the series? 
  • Why was Aygule’s story shown with Carkotay instead of Goktug Alp? 
  • Why wasn’t the Aygul woman shown with another Alp Genche Bey and Dumrol Alp? 
  • The battle we saw in the Ep was not the battle of Armeina So when will the battle of Armeina be seen? 
  • Why are the scenes of Silcan hatun and Bamsi Bey so rare? 
  • What event will make Savci Bey and Lena hatun loyal to Osman Bey? 

We will also give you more important information Must Read the Article till the end to know the details of interesting questions And subscribe to our channel First of all, we are talking about the scenes that are the cause of everyone’s curiosity That is, Bayhoca and Osman Bay including all their Alps, were also seen in the fort What is the reason behind this? 

Osman Bay did not take Bayhoca with him, nor did he go with Osman Bay’s soldiers. Because all the soldiers are in disguise But Bayhoca is still in his original uniform This means that he did not go with Osman Bay’s soldiers Speaking of Osman Bay, we think Osman Bay has gone to save his soldiers and Bayhoca. Osman Bey entered the castle lastly Bayhoca is captured by Nicola and Osman Bay’s soldiers either go to rescue Bayhoca or enter the fort in disguise at the order of Osman Bay for a specific purpose. 

And after all of them have been captured, ‘Osman will go to fortress It is possible that Osman Bay’s spies in the fort reported the capture of Bayhoca to Osman Bay. When it comes to killing Nikola, the tone in which Osman Bay spoke of killing Nikola made everyone wonder for a moment whether Nikola was really going to die. 

We have already told you that of course Osman will save Bayhoca But there is no chance of Nicola dying It is possible that he was not injured But it is likely that one of Osman’s combatants will be seriously injured Because entering the castle every time and then leaving easily can spoil the continuity of the story It is possible that Osman entered the fort with the help of spies We have known for a long time that the cook and his daughter were spies of Osman Bay in the fort And also that Zulfiqar Dervish is also a great spy of Osman Bay among

the Byzantines But surprisingly, there was also a scene in which another spy appeared But perhaps no one paid much attention to it We are talking about the time when Nicola was swearing at the corpses of his soldiers At that time Zulfiqar Darwish was visible, but at the same time we also saw Tursun Bay if you have not rememberd,we tells you At the beginning of the first season of Kurulus Osman, we saw Bala Hatun and Gonca Hatun taking some sacred relics from kulucahisar Fort. 

Tursun Bey was with them at the time Those who is students of Sheikh Adibali had played an important role in getting trusts from kulucahisar. Of course, showing them again in Season 2 will not be in vain Now let’s talk about Osman Bay’s second wife, Malhan Hatun She was the mother of Oman Bay’s successor Orhan Ghazi There is not much time left in her entry In fact, we have seen her in the same Ep, 

but her face was covered We told you it would be Osman Bay’s dream. That’s what happened When Osman Bay saw his father Ertugrul Ghazi in a dream, he first spoke of his will. In which he asked Osman Bay for a second marriage When Osman Bay saw Malhan in a dream, he had a baby in his lap Now there seems to be a special reason for this The purpose of showing this child may also be that Malhan Hatun will give birth a child to Usman Bay even before Bala. When Osman Bay tells Bala Hatun about the will, 

she tries unsuccessfully to hide her grief. Osman Bey’s second marriage will be a test for Bala Hatun here, so it seems that it will be a big test for the fans as well. Because they are very sad to see their favorite Bala Haton sad But we also saw in the trailer that Bala Hatun says that she will find another Hatun for Osman Bey herself. Omar Abdul Aziz and the Mulhan may have come Qai tribe for some purpose 

But it is more likely that she will meet Osman Bey’ Hatun during the alliance with the neighbour tribe. Whatever it is, this meeting will be seen soon In addition, Goktog Alp was not shown in the entire EpThis is not very surprising But in the absence of Goktog, everyone was surprised to see Aygul with Cerkutay. That’s because we’ve all been looking forward to seeing Aygul with Goktog Now the question is why Aygul could have been seen with Gence Bay then Dumrul Alp. Let me tell you the reason 

The main reason for showing Cerkutay with Aygul is that very soon we will see a love triangle In which Cerkutay will love Aygul but Aygul will love Goktog And Aygul will be married to Goktog Now everyone will ask what will happen to Cerkutay? We think Cerkutay will be martyred in a battle while saving Aygul’s life All the peoples who have converted to Islam since the Dirilis Ertugrul series were soon martyred, and because Aygul’s character will last a long time, she cannot marry Cerkutay.

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