Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 Urdu Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Each new episode of the Kurulus Osman series makes it clear that this series, like Dirlis Ertugrul, will win the hearts of fans in the years to come. The strong scenes of the war in the last episode have made the script feel strong Surprisingly, the second trailer was released just one night before the episode was released 

In today’s video we will talk about what big secrets are going to be revealed in the upcoming episode 

  • Nicola threatens to hang Bayhoca if kulucahisar castle is not returned Will really kulucahisar castle be returned? 
  • Who is the woman seen in the trailer? 
  • How will Osman Bay face the reaction of the Kayi people Talk about where are Goktug and Targun Hatun? 
  • Will they appear in the next episode or not? 
  • Two incredible people, Petros and Dondar Bey Why is Osman himself making a non-trade agreement between them? 
  • Why isn’t Hatun’s son Kayi Alp visible and when will he appear? 

First of all, let’s talk about Bayhoca, whom Nicola has captured in Inegol Castle But at the same time, you also saw that near Osman Bay, comrades Boran Alp, Dumrul Alp and Gance Bay, who had entered the fort in disguise, were also captured. Of course, these soldiers had gone to the fort on a mission But we saw that Osman would enter the fort only after all of them were caught As soon as Nikola found out that Bayhoca was Osman Bay’s nephew, he immediately demanded kulucahisar castle from Osman Bay in exchange for Bayhoca. 

Which he always had his eye on Now will Osman Bay hand over his nephew to Nikola? If we talk about it, we know how dear Osman Bay is to his conquered lands But he also loves his nephew Nicola asked in the letter to be handed kulucahisar castle to him Osman Bay will secretly enter the fort with his remaining soldiers This time the detective who will help them enter the castle will be the detective cook Aristo We have already told you that this time any spy who informs Osman Bay or contacts Osman Bay will be caught. 

We’ve also seen Cook Aristo in Osman Bay’s battle scenes At the same time, we saw Osman Bay get his soldiers out of prison and save them Now the question for Bayhoca is what will happen to him? We saw how Lane gets very angry at Osman Bay When he finds out that his son is with Bayhoca Of course, Osman Bay will bring back Bayhoca in good health, but in the meantime, any of Osman Bay’s soldiers could be seriously injured This time it will be very difficult for Osman Bay to sneak into the fort and get out again Several times before, Osman Bay had entered the fort and sighed easily 

This time, the first loss will be that if any of the spies informs Osman Bay about Boayhca, Nicola will find out about the spy. In addition, Nicola will lay such a strong net for Osman Bay that it will be difficult for him to easily escape from the fort. Because this time, while escaping from the fort, Osman Bay will face a fierce resistance that you have never seen before In the last episode we saw Osman Bay designing a flag At the same time,

he was asleep And in a dream he also saw his father Ertugrul Ghazi We have been seeing the Qai flag in the same condition since the Dirlis Ertugrul era But now Osman Bay has decided to change that flag He also asks Bala Hatun to hand over the flag to the women for sewing, and in the upcoming trailer we can see the flag being removed and replaced with the old Qai flag. 

They immediately went to Osman Bay’s tent to ask for an answer At the same time we see Bamsi Bay who has spent almost his entire life in the shadow of the old flag. They also question this change Of course, everyone’s reaction was quite strong And good questions will be answered from Osman Bay But even Usman Bay will be able to explain his thinking and his good intentions about the flag The reason behind changing the flag symbol is that now the Qai will not only fight but will establish a new state with more victories. 

Now let’s talk about this new woman who has been seen in the trailer At that time, Malhan Hatun was eagerly awaited in the series In the last episode, a glimpse of Malhun was also seen But his face was covered At the time, the new character was expected to join , but none other than Malhun Now, seeing this woman, the name of Malhan immediately comes to everyone’s mind They also tell you if it is a bride or not 

First of all, in this seen it seems that Bala hatun is in the market of Sogut And the new woman may have been spotted at a store If she is Malun then it is strange to trade her Because she is the daughter of Emir But it is also possible that this is Malhan and she is living here as a spy in the guise of a businessman But it is also possible that she is just an ordinary woman and that the new woman has been shown her face only to arouse the curiosity of the fans.

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 English and Urdu Subtitles Free

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