Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 44 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 44 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 44 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The magic of the Kurulus Osman series is speaking loudly at the moment The action-packed scenes have made the fans laugh The upcoming Ep of Kurulus Osman wins the hearts of the fans At the moment, the story contains many secrets 

In today’s Article we will share a lot of important information

  • with you Will Lena Hatun make a deal with Flatius to save her son Bahoca? 
  • What kind of duty has Osman Bey given to Abdul Rehman Ghazi that only he can fulfill? 
  • Will Nicola try to kill Savci Bey or will he be taken prisoner? 
  • Why can’t Malhun enter with Aqsa Hatun? 
  • What hints are given about Targun and Goktug, when will we be able to see them? 
  • If the tribesmen who have brought the funeral are not Savci Bey and Bahoca, then who is? 
  • Is Nicola planning a major offensive against the Turks? 
  • When will the Mongols be seen again in Season 2? 
  • What are Osman Bey and Yavlak Arsalan planning? 

To know all this in detail, you must watch the Article till the end and subscribe to our channel First of all, let’s talk about Lena Hatun, whose story we know very little about We know that they were not Muslims, and that in the past Flatius and Lena loved each other. If she was seen as Kayi Hatun, she would have wanted to see her husband, Savci Bey, at any cost. In the beginning, his character was a bit negative But after the death of Osman Bey and the death of Ertugrul Bey, Savci’s character improved dramatically. 

In part, this is due to his son Bahoca’s love for Osman Bey It would not be wrong for us to say that they are no longer against Osman but she does not believe in him. The reason for this is that Osman Bey left Bahoca in the fort Which, of course, made the Article an overnight sensation Because Osman had left Beyhoca in the fort So we think Savci Bey and Lena Hatun will do their best to save their son. 

On the other hand, as soon as Flatius finds out that Bahoca is the nephew of Osman Bey, he immediately says that Lena’s son Bahoca That is to say, he knows about Lena Hatun to this extent If we talk about Lena Hatun’s contact with Flatius, then we know that in these circumstances, even Savci Bey will not go hand in hand. 

And will take aggressive steps to save his son Maybe they will go to the fort according to Osman Bey’s plan or they will not inform Osman Bey about it at all. Well let’s talk about what will happen to Savci Bey? So there are only two possibilities Savchi, are seriously injured And they are the ones who are being brought to Cerkutay by the tribes 

But the chances are slim The reason is that there is no justification for sending the tribe to Nicola’s Savci Bey in an injured condition. If that happened then he would take advantage of the situation and imprison Savci Bey So that he can put more pressure on Osman Bey Now the question is, what tribe is Cerkuaty bringing? 

It is quite possible that whatever tribe Cerkutay has brought will be martyred And it could be one of Osman Bey’s spies That is, the spy cook or Zulfiqar Darwish But the chances of Zulfiqar Darwish’s martyrdom are slim Cook may have been killed and his daughter, Aftalia, may have been taken prisoner If you remember, Nicola told Helen to inquire about the spy in the castle. He may have found some evidence during the attack on the governors But we saw Lena Hatun crying here And Osman Bey says to, “Will you lead your brother and nephew?” 

Lena Hatun may have misunderstood the man Because at that time Savci had gone out of the tribe to save his son This will be the opportunity to contact Lena to Flatius here Bahoja was already in captivity. Now that Savci Bey is out of the tribe, Lena Hatun may contact Flatius. And want to make a deal with it Under which she could save her son and husband Abdul Rehman speaks of Ghazi What kind of duty has Osman Bey given him in the end which only he has the ability to fulfill? In our opinion, 

Osman Bey has given the duty to Abdul Rehman Ghazi only because he believes in the rule of Sardar and fulfills it without any question. If we talk about duty, it can be about many issues About valuable secrets or something important But it is possible that this duty is about Goktug Alp Which is secretly outside the tribe under the plan of Osman Bey Ever since Goktug has been out of the tribe Targun was also exiled from that time 

We have been saying from the beginning that they will be seen together now Speaking of Targun, we learned about Nikola’s plan in the last EpSo we found out that he was planning to gather a large army against the Turks Surprisingly, Nikola also said that the army would include Mongols and Turkmen As soon as the name of Kaman Turk is mentioned, Targun and Goktug come to our mind Nikola’s plan is a sign of a major war and the return of Targun and Goktug We don’t think it’s too late for Goktug to return Rather,

we will be able to see them again in one or two Ep Speaking of Aqsa Hatun, Aqsa’s character has been included from the last Ep The main reason behind the inclusion of this character is that the character of Malhun is not ready yet Because if Malhun’s character was ready, then there was no need to include the subject of Aqsa Hatun Due to this problem,

the role of Targun and now Aqsa Hatun has been brought to the fore Aqsa Hatun is brought near the very end of Targun’s character Now only after saying goodbye to Aqsa Hatun, we will be able to see the role of Malhun Yavlak Arsalan who was initially seen as Alan and now a hero Their character can be seen only after intervals In the last Ep, he came to the Kayi tribe And his conversation with Osman Bey informs us about the Mongols 

That is, Yavlak and Osman Bey are also preparing for war Osman Bey told them that We must not wait for Geyhatu and take action before he arrives This conversation indicates that in the future we will see the Mongols again And we will see Yavlak Arsalan and Osman Bey fighting together against them Viewers Kurulus Osman Ep No 44 released on 3 February 

If you Like our Article Please Like and Share Many Viewers are demanding on Analysis on Buyuk Seljuk Viewers we are working on this Project And we will come very soon with the anaylsis of this series If you want to see aur analysis on this series So, tell us in comment box Which Scene of Kurulus Osman epsiode 43 impressed you? Tell us in Comment Box See you Soon!

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