Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 44 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 44 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 44 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The Kurlus Osman series is all set to hit the screens with the biggest Ep so far Because Osman Bay’s secret plans, including many big secrets, will also be revealed in this EpFans will have to watch this Epheartily Here you will find great scenes of war There will be a game in every game Fans’ favorite Goktog Alp will return At the same time, Targun hatun will be seen playing her last game The new trailer has aroused the curiosity of the fans as well as made them fight over many scenes. 

In today’s video we will talk about why the strongest characters of the series

  • Bamsi Bay is angry with Osman Bey. And why does Osman Bey say that if you want to harm someone then I am here Will he be seen against Osman Bey in the future?
  • We have seen Alexander, the governor of Nicola, in the castle of Kuluchaisar. Will he succeed in taking back the castle? 
  • In the end, what we thought happened Lena Hatun and Flatius met Will Flaytious save Bayhoca and what will be the agreement between Lena and Flatius? 
  • Under what scheme has Dundar gone to Nikola? 
  • What will be the next step of Targun Hatun? 
  • What will Flaytious offer to Targun? 
  • How will Goktog trap Alp Flatius? 
  • In both trailers, we didn’t get a glimpse of Savci Bay. Where is he? 
  • What is the secret behind his absence? 

In addition, we will tell you more important things Then you must watch the video to the end to know the answers to these great questions in detail and subscribe to our channel First of all, let’s talk about Bamsi Bay, which we have always seen with Osman Bey He seemed to be the support of Osman Bey even in the most difficult times Bamsi Bay’s efforts to make Osman Bey Sardar were also appreciated We have never seen a rift between the two However, Bamsi Bay sometimes denied the decisions of Osman Bey and showed them the right path. 

This time everything will be different than before And we’ll tell you why Everyone talks about what caused Bamsi Bay to be angry So in the last Ep we saw Bayhoca as a prisoner in the fort And we also saw that in return Nicola had demanded the Kuluchaisar fort In the trailer that followed, we also learned that Osman Bey held a council and the result of their consultation was that Kuluchaisar would be handed over Nikola. 

In fact, this decision has angered Bamsi Bay If you remember, the fort of Kuluchaisar was handed over to Bamsi Bay after the second conquest. Osman Bey had himself give this castle to Bamsi Bey. Bamsi Bay was instrumental in the conquest of this fort But the real reason for the grief of Bamsi Bay is that the victory of Kuluchaisar is revenge for the blood of many martyrs. We also heard Bamsi Bay say that I have never violated Oghuz traditions in my life. 

The explanation of this is that according to the Oghuz tradition, the conquered lands are the right of the martyrs and these lands are not exchanged in any kind of agreement. And since Osman Bay has decided to give the fort of Kuluchaisar which has been obtained from the blood of many martyrs to Nikola This decision has angered Bamsi Bay After that, Bamsi Bay will probably not even go to war with Osman Bay But when he’ll know what Osman Bay’s original plan was will lose his temper Now let’s talk about Osman Bay’s plan.

What’s going on? How Sultuk Alp easily removed the Qai flag and handed it over to Alexander So we saw that none of Osman Bay’s special soldiers and Osman Bay were there except Sultuq Alp, which means that Osman Bay is actually on another mission. Now let’s talk about the real mission Osman Bay announced that the fort would be handed over to Nikola After which Alexander comes to take the fort with the Byzantine soldiers In fact, this is also the trap laid by Osman Bay Because when Nicola relaxes and realizes that he has defeated Osman Bay, then Osman Bay will enter Inegol fort and save Bayhoca. 

As for Alexander, the secret is now revealed to be clear, what was in the box that was sent to Nicola. Now it is clear that Alexander’s head will be in it The whole fort of Kuluchaisar is empty, but the Qai soldiers may be hiding somewhere. 

And as soon as they got the news from Osman Bay, they will attack Alexander When Osman Bay decapitates Alexander himself and sends him to Nicola, everyone will understand what happened to him. We didn’t see Savci Bay in such a hurry We think there are only two cases Either Savci is injured, but these chances are slim But there is a strong possibility that Savci Bay will be part of Osman Bay’s plan and help Osman Bay to get Bayhoca out of the fort. Speaking of Lena and Flatius, we just said in the last video that Lena and Flatius are likely to meet.

Because Lena will not wait for her husband and son hand in hand Because she do not believe in Osman Bay Well, that’s exactly what we said Lena was seen with Flatius in the Inegol castle Flatious also informed him of the situation and said that his son would die. He should not have come to the castle. It is possible that Flatious put some great conditions in front of Lena in exchange for saving his son. But all this will not be of any use Because Osman Bay will save Bayhoca even before that 

Now, in all this chaos, Dundar Bay has a chance And he is ready to take full advantage of this opportunity We weren’t too surprised to see him in front of Nicola because we are well aware of his betrayals Well, Nicola has decided to take advantage of this And he says that you are very close to becoming a leader We told you a long time ago that Dundar Bay’s betrayal would also be involved in the Armenian War. 

Now this phase has also begun We will now see Dundar secretly deal with Nicola And this betrayal of his will be the cause of his end Now let’s talk about Targun and Goktog Alp About which we have been saying from starting day that the two will appear together We are right once again And both came together Flatious has gone to make a deal with Targun In the last Ep, we heard Nicola say that he would build a large army against the Turks, and that the Cuman Turks would join the army. 

Now Flotius has gone to Targun for the same purpose Targun will also agree to the deal because she wants revenge on Osman Bay We know from Goktog’s talk what agreement Flatius has made “We have Nicola’s gold and the Turks’ booty,” he said. This means that Flatious has offered gold to Targun on behalf of Nicola 

This was the reason why Osman Bay slapped Goktug on the slightest mistake and drove him out of the tribe. That is, he wanted to know the intentions of his enemies Goktog seems to have won Targun’s trust And she’s taking him with her The goal of Goktog Alp will be fulfilled and he will not allow Flatious to doubt at all. And will easily pass all the information to Osman Bay Be sure to ask in the comment box any details you would like to know If you like the video, please like and share it How do you feel about Goktogh Alp entery? And are you also impressed by Osman Bay’s secret plans? you must tell us See you soon.

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