Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 46 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep46 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman is speaking the magic of the series Each Ep is getting better and better Once again, it’s time to add new characters to the series It has been announced which actress has been included for the role of Malhan Hatun 

Now the question is in which Ep

will her entry be? 

We saw that Osman Bay and his loved ones were in dire straits What big character entry can be made to help them? I

s the martydom of Dumrul Alp an indication of the return of Turgut Alp? 

Osman, take any step to take back the precious trusts. Will Targun hand over these trusts to Nicola before then? 

Is Yavlak Arsalan’s role in the series too small? 

Who will bring the treachery of Dundar in front of Osman Bay this time? What big project is Osman Bay talking to Petros Nicola? Will Governor Yorgo go to Osman Bay’s side? At the same time we will inform you of more important information 

So you must watch the Article at the end to know the details of all these questions And subscribe to our channel It seems that the second phase of adding new characters in Kurulus Osman has also started Turkish actress Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy’s announcement to join Kurulus Osman has been announced by Kurulus Osman’s team. 

The most awaited character in Season 2 was Malhun Hatun We think this actress will play the role of Malhun Along with the role of Malhun Hatun, we can also see the role of his father Omar Abdul Aziz and his brother. This means that two new characters will appear along with Malhun Talking about when these characters will come out,

we don’t think we have to wait long And in the next one to two Ep , these characters will be in front of us Not only that, now there is a strong possibility of the son of Turgut Alp and Dogan Alp joining, I will tell you the details. But before that, Osman Bey talks about the precious trusts he received from his father Which have finally fallen into the hands of the enemy 

We told you that all enemies will try their best to get these secrets The purpose of Petros’s visit was to obtain these secrets Well, in all this, Targun spread However, all this has happened due to the unity of the three groups All these plans were made by Kaman Turk, Nikola and Petros But their mutual trust now seems to be faltering We know that Nicola had to pay a lot of money to Targun in exchange for valuable trusts Goktug, who could do nothing to save Osman Bey’s secrets, will try his best to change Targun’s mind. 

We see that when he stands in front of Targun with the trust, he tells him not to hand over the secret to Nicola yet. The real point here is that Osman will soon be able to get secrets from Targun But he tells Targun that we will ask Nicola for more gold in return for these trusts. At the moment, Targun refuses And she says she will stick to the agreement 

But it seems that Goktug will eventually succeed in changing his mind And for the time being, she will refuse to give the trust to Nicola Osman Bey will also get a chance from all this And with the help of Goktug Alp, they will be able to save precious secrets and their relatives What is the big plan Osman Bey against Nicola? Talk about it So Nicola cleverly tried to show the action We will also see the Reaction in the next Ep

There are only two possibilities when it comes to Governor Urgo’s plan Either he will sell Osman Bey to Nicola or he will sell Nicola to Osman Bey Most likely, he will ambush Osman Bey with Nicola Petrus may also be involved in the ambush In either case, Nicola will be defeated Because Osman is already aware of Yorgo’s plan He told Abdur Rehman Ghazi that Yorgo was calling him here three days later to ambush him. 

At the same time, Osman Bay also sent a message to Yavlak Arsalan In the next Ep, we will see Yavlak Arsalan along with Osman Bay facing the enemies. Usually when Yavlak Arsalan and Osman Bay meet, the subject of Mongols comes up. This is because Qai is a major source of revolution in Anatolia Yavlak Arsalan is trying to start a movement in Anatolia with the help of Osman Bay The army that is being prepared for this movement has already been mentioned Well, we told you in one of our Articles

that Yavlak Arsalan will be martyred in the same conspiracy against the Mongols. It will reach its climax at the end of season 2 Because then the establishment of the kingdom will begin In other words, at the end of season 2, the role of Yavlak will also come to an end Dirilis Ertugrul has become a series that connects the emotions of people around the world Fans are completely captivated by the denials And fans wants to see similar characters in Kurulus Osman series Turgut Alp is a character who never

let the fans get bored His action always excites the fans There has been a strong demand for the return of Turgut Alp from the very beginning Fans who have been waiting for a long time never tire of waiting for them. In the last Ep, Sheikh Edabali returned And the weeping actor was brought back after celebrating again This is the moment that has given more courage to the crazy people of Turgut Alp And it has been realized that if Sheikh Edabali’s character actor can be brought back by contacting him again. 

So why not Turgut Alp Another case is that of Dumrol Alp Who fought with an ax But in the last Ep, he has also been martyred His testimony points to the entry of a new character First Ayaz Alp and then Domrol Alp Osman Bey’s teammates are declining This means that Osman Bey’s new allies will be brought forward Who is an ally of Ertugrul Ghazi Then they can have a son Immediately the name of Dogan Alp’s son also comes to mind 

This is a great opportunity for them to enter At the moment, Osman is going through a lot of difficulties They need a good partner No one can be better than the son of Dogan Alp Speaking of Turgat Alp, the return of Sheikh Edabali has also brightened the possibility of his return According to history, Turgut Alp should be included after some time 

We think that now Turgat Alp will definitely be included in Kurulus Osman If we talk about the betrayal of Dundar Bey So the viewers have asked Osman Bey to keep an eye on Idris But when Osman Bay finds out that the Targun woman came to the tribe with a caravan So their eyes will immediately go to Dundar Who was responsible for all the affairs of

the carvan And together with Nicola, the tribe itself is causing these problems He may be able to convince Osman Bay that he has nothing to do with it. But now Osman is keeping an eye on both Dundar and Idris Viewers Kurulus Osman Ep no 46 released on February 17 on screen Considering the historical significance of Sheikh Edibali,

he has been re-introduced Do you think that Turgat Alp will also be avoided as keeping him out of the series from making the same historical mistake? Viewers If you are a fan of Turgut Alp, you must tell us the scene that impressed you the most. And if you want to see it in Kurulus Osman series? Tell us in comment Box See You Soon !

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