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Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman Season 2 will be coming soon with a great entry so far and a terrifying Ep Malhun Hatun’s entry added to the action and suspense of the series, but at the same time, fans looked sad for their favorite heroine Bala Hatun Which is currently far from Osman Bay and in difficulty 

Today’s article will give you very important information As soon as Malhun Hatun came, she also mentioned the name of Osman Bay.

  •  How did she already know Osman Bay? 
  • How did he know that Osman Bay was here? 
  • Who sent Malhan Hatun to Osman Bay, including the soldiers? 
  • How does Nicola know Malhun Hatun and why is he afraid of him? 
  • Will Malhun Hatun really ally with Osman Bay for fear of the Mongols? 
  • Why won’t Osman go to the rescue of Bala Hatun? 
  • Which tribe has been attacked by Gunduz Bay? 
  • Targun Hatun will die, but who will kill him? 
  • Now why will Mongols also appear in the series very soon? 
  • Will the secret plan of Osman Bay and Goktogh Alp be revealed in the next Ep ? 

Also, to tell you more important things, you must watch the article till the end to know all this and subscribe to our channel. First of all, let’s talk about Malhun Hatun, who was not expected to make such a strong entry Especially during the ambush on Osman Bay Because even before that, Osman Bay has been seen to face even bigger ambush And this time,

his Alps were fighting at a short distance Well, Malhun Hatun saved Osman Bay’s life by shooting a brilliant arrow and said that Osman Bay you are not alone. This moment was amazing for everyone Everyone is puzzled as to how Malhun Hatun already knows Osman Bay. We will also answer your curiosity question in detail But before that, let’s talk about Nicola Who had laid such a strong ambush on Osman Bey that it was difficult for him to escape easily Well, we saw that Malhun would go here with her soldiers and save Osman Bey too. 

this would be no less than a big surprise for Nicola because when Nicola was about to kill his worst enemy, Malhun Hatun suddenly appeared. We also heard her say to Petros that as soon as I was about to drop the body of ‘Osman Bey, she came down from heaven like a woman. We know that Nicola will suffocate and run away as soon as Malhun Hatun comes to the aid of Osman Bey. His conversation with Petros later revealed that 

he was terrified of Malhan Hatun. Which thwarted such a big plan Malhan Hatun’s meeting with Osman Bey reminded us of Ertugrul Bay and Halima Hatun. When Ertugrul first met the halima Sultan and saved his life by shooting an arrow, this incident became a beautiful memory of his love. Now the same thing has happened to Kurulus Osman but this time the life of Osman Bey , has been saved by Mulhan. 

Osman Bey will surely be impressed by such a reluctance of a woman An important question is whether Malhun Hatun knew that Osman Bey was here and that she had reached out to help with her soldiers. If you remember, we saw that Gayhatu was sitting on the throne The Mongol rule is by no means a good sign for the Turks When the Mongols ascend the throne, the Turkish chiefs and nobles will be in trouble 

And we also know that Malhan Hatun is the daughter of an Emir. By the way, there was a possibility of her father Omar Abdul Aziz’s entry with Malhan. But it seems that he is the one who sent Malhan to Osman Bey for help Or Omar Abdul Aziz is in trouble and the news of Osman Bey’s bravery and victories has spread far and wide. Malhan has come to him for help. All of this can be gauged from Nicola’s words Who already knows Malhan and Omar Abdul Aziz and also knows that the people are in trouble after the Mongols came to power.

 As he said, Malhan will unite with Osman Bey to escape the Mongols This is exactly what will happen. Malhan Hatoon and Omar Abdul Aziz will form an alliance with Osman Bey And they will unite all the Turkish tribes And by increasing their power, they will defeat the Mongols Earlier, only Yavlak Arsalan was involved in the Mongol issue and brought the news. It seems that with the entry of Malhun Hatun, the Mongols will also come to the fore Because they are the Mongols they are fighting and have come to unite with Osman Bey to fight them. 

Now goes beyond Mulhan Hatun and talks about Bala Hatun While Osman Bey and Malhan are seen in action, Bala Hatun is in Targun captivity. The strange thing is that Osman Bey will not go to the rescue of Bala Hatun we will also tell you why this is happening When Targun Hatun is capturing Bala and taking her away from the tribe, Gunduz Bay and Sheikh Adebali will be in the tribe. 

At that time, Osman Bey would be fighting the Byzantines together with Malhun Gandaz Bay will not be able to do anything at that time, but as soon as they leave the tribe Gunduz Bay will pursue them with his soldiers and Sheikh Adebali’s dervishes In the trailer we see Gunduz Bay attacking a tribe It is possible that may be this is tribe of the Targun Hatun By the way, Targun was not seen there, but he may be in a tent with Bala Hatun. 

But it is also possible that she took them to another location But whatever happens, Gunduz Bay and Sheikh Adebali’s dervish Goktog Alp will save Bala Hatun and the rest of the soldiers as well. In the same attack, there is a strong possibility that the secret plan of Gaktog Alp will be exposed and the fate of Targun will end. It is certain that Targun will soon come to an end as there is no time for this role in the series. 

And Malhan has also entered The question is, who will kill Targun if he dies? First of all, the name of Goktog Alp comes to everyone’s mind But we don’t think that will happen We know that Targun tried to kill Bala Hatun by poisoning her and this time when the two met, Bala Hatun wanted to avenge the poison from her. We think it is the right of Bala Hatun castes to take her revenge And will bring Targun to its end We told you about Sheikh Adebali that this time his meeting with Osman Bey would be great. They will look satisfied with Osman Bey’s decisions 

That’s how their return will take the story of the series to the strong peacock now Osman Bey who wants to give the Ulema a prominent place in his state He has also expressed this wish to Sheikh Adebali In the time to come, they will be seen playing an important role in the state by gathering scholars scattered on the borders. Like the article Ep 46 will air on February 17 Do you like Osman Bay with Bala Hatun or with Malhan Hatoon? You must tell us in Comment Box

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