Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 47 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 47 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 47 English Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Kurulus Osman’s action and emotional Ep made a big splash on the screen Along with Osman Bey, the action of Bala Hatun was also seen this time Eventually, the two big traitors, Idris and Targun, also came to an end With the demise of the two characters came the entry of a great character, Malhan Hatun After the unexpected entry of Malhan Hatun, his tone was also different from everyone’s expectations 

In today’s video we will talk about

  • why the accent of Malhan Hatun has been shown so bitter in the beginning? 
  • Is the information given by Goktog to Nikola true? 
  • Will Goktog be out of the series for a while? 
  • Everyone is trying to play a bigger game than each other Osman Bey and Nikola will both ambush each other. Whose plan will be more successful? 
  • Which of Malhan Hatun’s deeds has influenced Osman Bey? 
  • At the end of the trailer, Osman Bey praises Malhon Hatun. What was the reason for that? 
  • Who told Osman Bey that Nicola had gone to Constantinople? 
  • Why was Osman Bey silent despite knowing the truth about Petros? 

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First of all, let’s talk about Malhan Hatun, who saved Osman Bay’s life by showing great action and went to save Bala Hatun along with him. Upon reaching there, the action of Bala Hatun was also visible Targun who told Bala Hatoon that she will see her face for the last time When she died, he saw Osman Bay and Bala Hatoon in front of her at the last moment Of course it was a very impressive scene 

Well,let’s talk about Malhun Hatun As soon as she arrived, she tried to clear the mark on Osman Bay’s face in her opening scene Here he behaved differently from Osman Bay But after her arrival in tribe and even in Sogut, the satirical tone of Malhan Hatun was seen in every scene. The audience became confused about Malhun’s role when she asked her soldier to keep an eye on the Qai tribe and Sogut, as well as keep his mouth shut. 

For a moment it seemed as if Malhun Hatun’s character was taking a negative turn As we have seen, she satirized Bala Hatun in both meetings And she also spoke to Osman Bay in a harsh tone We don’t think it will be as it seems The change of character of Malhun will come soon All this has been done to show the same bravery and strong tone 

It was not uncommon to see Malhun Hatun questioning freely in front of a Bey We will also tell you the details of how Osman Bey will be impressed with Mulhan Hatun and why he will appreciate her. But before that, let’s talk about Goktog Alp Who carried out his first mission in such a powerful way that everyone kept on cheering 

The enthusiastic meeting of Goktugh Alp and Osman Bay after this mission was also a wonderful scene. After this success, Goktog’s mission is still going on We saw that Osman Bay asked Goktog Alp to head Cuman Turk 

The first reason was that the Cuman Turks did not take any major steps again and all remained under the control of Osman Bay Another reason was that people like Nikola remained in alliance with Goktogh Alp, considering him an enemy of Osman Bay. Well, that’s what happened. We saw Goktog in the trailer with Nikola 

He showed Nicola some documents and said that it contained information about Osman Bay’s tribe Everyone is wondering if this information is true Let me tell you once again that Goktogh will take every step with the permission of Osman Bay He also went to Nicola on the orders of Osman Bay And the information he gave to Nicola is not a lie On the contrary, it was Osman Bey who asked him to convey the correct information to Nikola so that he could trust Goktog. 

Now another question has arisen as to whether Goktog Alp will be missing from the series for some time. We think there are some possibilities Because Goktogh is now working secretly And he is leading the Cuman Turks So maybe in the time to come we will only see information from him and he will appear from time to time. 

Now let’s talk about the big clash between Osman Bey and Nikola in the upcoming Ep We saw that Nicola had received the emperor’s letter In which he is called him to Constantinople We saw in the trailer that Osman Bey received a letter, probably informing him that Nicola had gone to Constantinople. The question is who sent this news to Osman Bey We think there are two possibilities 

The first is that we know that two of Osman Bey’s spies were killed in Inegol Fort But there is still one spy left, Zulfiqar Dervish We also saw a glimpse of him in the last Ep He may have sent the news to Osman Bey Or when Goktog went to Nicola and found out that Nicola was going to Constantinople. And he may have conveyed this news to Osman Bey Well, when the news reaches Osman Bey,

he will think of attacking Nikola Because his open declaration of war against the infidels has been seen in the trailer itself Not only that, information about Osman Bey has also reached to Nikola Petros tells Nicola that Osman Bey is aware that he is going to Constantinople How Petros found out this news now is a matter of concern 

Because with him the traitor Idris is dead So who informed Petros about this news reaching Osman Bey? Everyone is quite surprised about this In our opinion, this news was given by Dundar, the only traitor in the tribe Or it was Osman Bey himself who broke the news to Petros No wonder we will tells you in detail We saw that Osman Bey became suspicious of Petros when he asked him about the caravan. And he see them tied up in front of him Osman Bey became deeply suspicious when he saw that every thing was in place in the shop And there was no sign of any kind of hand-to-hand fighting 

The reason Osman Bay remained silent was that he wanted to know the real intentions of Petros It is possible that Osman Bey passed this information to Petros himself So that he can see his real face A big battle awaits us in the coming Ep Because both Osman Bey and Nikola will try their best to trap each other In this project, we will see Osman Bey being very successful Because he once fell into Nicola’s great trap And again,

this would happened same is not good Finally, speaks of Malhan Hatun Who has once spoken harshly to Osman Bey But we saw in the trailer that the relationship between Malhan and Osman Bey is taking a new turn they understand each other Osman Bey was also seen praising Malhan Hatun He said that your father has trained you well Osman Bey will be impressed by Malhan’s courage and bravery In addition,

we think that Osman Bey is going to assign a special duty to Malhan A duty that will be very difficult And Malhan is determined to do just that And she tells Osman Bay that you won’t regret it That is, she will fulfill the hope of Osman Bay Kurulus Osman’s Ep47 will air on February 24 Any scenes we couldn’t tell you about and you want to know about, be sure to ask us in the comment box. Which scene of Ep 46 impressed you the most and you must tell us how you felt when you saw Malhan with Osman Bay? See you soon.

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