Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 47 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 47 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 47 Urdu Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Fans’ curiosity for the action-packed Ep seemed to grow as the shocking trailer of the Kurulus Osman series was released. Great scenes from the war await us in the coming Ep Osman Bey’s action on the battlefield is second to none When Osman Bey fights on the battlefield with his comrades dedicated to the spirit of martyrdom, his visible enthusiasm also warms the blood of the fans. A similar battle will be seen in the coming Ep  

In today’s Article we will tell you

  • if the war scenes seen in the trailer are of Armenian war? ]
  • Or is Osman Bey about to attack Inegol fort? 
  • Who was the man who was shot by Osman Bey while running on horseback? 
  • Why didn’t Ganduz Bey and Bamsi Bey appear in the war? 
  • What was the reason behind the bitter rhetoric of Malhun Hatun from Bala Hatun? 
  • Has Flatius ambushed Osman Bey or did Osman Bey ambush Flatius? 

let’s talk about the battle scenes that touch the hearts of the fans Even before this, the great scenes of the war had captivated the viewers The efforts of the actors were also much appreciated This time too, the great scenes of the war will be very colorful on the screen Due to the snowfall at the shooting site, war scenes were not expected again 

But apart from that, Kurulus Osman’s team is working harder than the fans expected Well, let’s talk about whether this is an Armenian war Absolutely not. This is not an Armenian war Because there is little time left in this war Let me tell you, the Armenian war will be between Nikola and Osman Bey, not between Flatious and Osman Bey We also tell you the details of this war. 

Earlier we also told you that a bad war awaits us in the coming Ep . The reason for this war is actually Nicola’s visit to Constantinople Osman Bey, who plans to ambush Nikola We saw that Petros had already told Nicola that Osman Bey knew about your departure to Constantinople. Nicola, who is well aware that Osman Bey will now ambush him, will go one step further. And Osman Bey will use a different route than the one on which he is going, and he will go to Constantinople. 

Not only that, he will send Flatius on this route to surprise Osman Bey. That is, he would ask Flatious to ambush Osman Bey Well, Osman Bey who was planning the war in the last trailer We will go to the battlefield with all our comrades Of course,

they will face Flatious instead of Nicola, but they will face it to the fullest And they will force him to flee Before Nicola’s visit to Constantinople and Osman Bey’s war preparations, it was clear that he would attack the Fortress of Inegol But attacking Inegol Castle will not be a small game We all know that this is a great historical victory 

It will not be easily seen Anyway, this victory is after the war in Armenia Now let’s turn to the curiosity scene at the top of the trailer, which almost mixed up the story. Running on a horse with his face covered, Osman shoots arrows at a man and he falls down injured. The name of Dundar Bey immediately comes to everyone’s mind 

This is because at the end of the last Ep, when we saw Dundar Bey shooting an arrow at Idris, he had almost the same face covered. But we don’t think he,s Dundar Bey because it can’t be caught so quickly And if you look at this person carefully, he is physically thinner than Dundar I mean, he’s not Dundar Osman Bey, on the other hand, shoots arrows from behind If he was chasing this man from Sogut thinking that he had killed Idris, 

then it would be strange for him to be with Osman Bey. Because Bayhoca was not with Osman Bey at that time Well, the big question now is who is he if not Dundar By the way, some people think that he is Petros or Flatius We don’t think it’s either They also tell you why it is not Flatious ambush, but he did not hide, nor did he cover his face. Osman Bey also did not wear a turban during the war, which means before or after the war. 

Speaking of Petros, we don’t think he could be Petros because he wouldn’t take that big risk. And in any case, the truth about Petros will not come out so soon, nor is he going to fall into the hands of Osman Bey in such a wounded state. Everyone is in suspense about who this suspected man is In our opinion, there are only two possibilities. 

Or is it Petros’s spy who wants to get important information from Osman Bey? Well, this man will die at the hands of Osman Bey When his face is revealed, it will be known that he is a normal person and not a spy that Osman was expecting. A fierce battle that will affect everyone, including Osman Bey, almost all of them, including Savci Bey and his son. But Bamsi Bey and Guduz Bey did not seen In the last Ep, we saw that the wound of Bamsi Bey, which was inflicted on him by the traitor Idris, did not improve much. 

The tribe cannot be handed over to Dundar Bey because Osman Bey does not trust Dundar so much Therefore, Gunduz Bey will also be left in the tribe Now let’s talk about Malhan Hatun and Bala Hatun whose differences with each other are getting worse with each passing day. From the entry of Malhun Hatun, all her scenes with Bala so far have been full of satire. Malhun Hatun’s words are piercing the hearts of Bala Hatun fans Let me tell you that this difference between the two will continue till the second marriage of Osman Bey 

This bitter rhetoric will be limited to words only, there will be no intensity in it Bala Hatun is the daughter of Sheikh Adebali and was brought up in a dervish environment While Malhan Hatun is the daughter of a Bry and she has seen many difficulties in all these periods, this is the reason for the difference in the temperament of the two. 

The thoughts and thinking of the two cannot be the same The bitter rhetoric between Bala Hatun and Malhan Hatun in Sogut may have taken place after the death of Idris. And it is because of the turmoil in Sogut that the differences between the two have come to the fore Kurulus Osman’s Ep number 47 will be aired on February 24 Be sure to like the Article How long have you been waiting for this action packed Ep and how eager are you to watch Osman Bey’s action? You must tell us in the comments. See You Soon!

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