Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 48 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 48 Urdu Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The story of Kurulus Osman Season 2 has entered the hearts of the fans Each new Ep receives a lot of praise from the fans Each Ep is full of intense twists, suspense and emotions that keep the story going. Kurulus Osman’s last half was also brilliant but the upcoming Ep will be so wonderful that it will be considered as one of the few memorable Ep of Kurulus Osman. Fans will have to watch this Ep heartily Because all the hidden secrets of the last middle will be revealed in the next Ep

In today’s Article we will share great information with you 

  • We will talk about whether Baayhoca will be martyred just by shooting two arrows. Which of Goktug Alp, Gunduz Bey and Malhan will come to the aid of Osman Bey in this war? 
  • Why is the Malhun hiding the ring? 
  • Will Dundar’s secret be revealed by Malhun Hatun? 
  • Which Ep of Dangerous Mongol Commander Togha will be the main entry? 
  • Omar Bey’s goal is to unite with the Kayi’s or to use the Kayi’s to become the head of the newly formed state. When will Dundar say goodbye to the series? 

Also, to tell you more important things, you must Read the Article till the end to know all these details and subscribe to our channel. First of all, let’s talk about Bayhoca, whose obsession with war is considered admirable However, they do not know how to handle this madness properly, and have taken the wrong step many times. 

But still this role is very much liked by the audience Before talking about Bayhoca’s martyrdom, it is necessary to talk about the Armenian war The Armenian war has been under discussion for a long time Everyone was waiting to see this war in the series A fierce battle ensued when Osman Bay attacked the emperor’s military aid to Nicola. 

Fans praised the action-packed scenes At that time we told you that this is a minor war Imagine what a historic war would be like in Armenia Eventually this great battle will be before us in the coming Ep We were hesitant to say anything about the war in Armenia because historically there is a great difference between this war and the script at the time of this war. 

According to history, Osman Bey’s second marriage was to Malhun Hatun in 1280 Ertugrul Bey died in 1281 and the Armenian War took place in about 1284 or 1285 The death of Ertugrul Bey has been observed But Malhun Hatun’s marriage to Osman has not been seen yet Now the Armenian war is looming The series seems to be a mixture of history Well, it is clear that this war is the war of Armenia because it is being fought in Armenian Bailey As we heard Osman Bey say Since this is the war of Armenia,

then the martyrdom of Bayhoca is also certain The martyrdom of Bayhoca in the Armenian War was the greatest loss of Osman Bay It is said that no one won this war And both rivals suffered heavy losses But this is considered to be

the first victory of Osman Bay in the eyes of historical characters And Osman Bay ended this war here only with the help of his own soldiers and without any outside help. Everyone is curious about how this war is portrayed in the series Osman Bay may have left some of his soldiers behind And they came to help Osman Bay, but if we talk about Goktug, who is thought to be helping Osman Bay. We know that he has recently won

the trust of Nikola by giving her important information And so he will not suddenly come to the fore and thwart all plans On the contrary, his alliance with Nikola will last a little longer Therefore, it is unlikely that he will come to the aid of Osman Bay Speaking of Gunduz Bay, he has stopped the tribes especially on the orders of Osman Bey And all he knows is that Osman will ambush He does not even know that Osman has fallen into the trap of Nikola It is pointless to think that Gunduz Bay will come to the aid of Osman Bay As for Malhun Hatun,

there is no possibility of her participating in such a historic war Because he is also unaware that Osman is lying in ambush Speaking of Bayhoca, according to history, he was shot while saving Osman Bay In the series, we see that in the battle of the last Ep , it seems to have doubled In any case, the scenes here are somewhat similar to history But we do not think that these two arrows alone are the cause of Bayhoja’s martyrdom Because it is not appropriate to make a hero who is so obsessed with war play a role in such a big war. 

We think that there will be a great scene of Bayhoja which will attract us all That is, he will play the role of a brave soldier in this war, even if two arrows are fired At the same time, the next Ep will make the audience very emotional Because the first martyrdom of the Ottoman Empire, the martyrdom of a young hero will shock us all. Of course, some scenes are completely out of date, but some historical events have been carefully considered We told you that the Armenian war was the result of Dundar’s betrayal Now everyone is waiting for the end of Dundar Bey Dundar has also started making mistakes 

The ring that fell in Sogut from Dundar’s finger fell into the hands of Malhan Hatun When he was fleeing after killing Idris, the men of Petrus caught him and took him to Petrus Surprisingly, Malhan Hatun hid the ring with the Kayi mark on it and refrained from showing it to Osman Bay. Everyone wondered why he did that We saw Malhan Hatun repeatedly ask Osman Bay about every accident Especially about the murder of Idris and his imprisonment from the tribe of Bala Hatun In fact, she is testing the merits of Osman Bay She wants to see if Osman will be able to reach the traitor himself 

We know that Osman is looking for a traitor and after this war the mission to find the traitor will gain even more momentum . In the trailer, we hear Boran tell Alp from Osman Bey that Nicola already knew we would be here. In response, Osman Bay said that the shadow of treachery would be removed by the shine of the sword osman will soon begin investigating Dundar’s actions And when they gather enough information about Dundar Bay Then Malhun’s ring will also serve as important proof And Dundar will come to an end Finally, Malhun’s father Omar Bay has also come forward And we saw that her luxury was like that of Mulhan Hatun Of course,

they have come to live in the lands of Osman Bay only by believing in Osman Bay But still they think of dealing with all kinds of situations What will happen if Osman fails? And if not, then what is his plan? In other words, they are coming to unite with the Qayi’s But if something happens to Osman Bay or they fail 

Then they will take care of all the affairs with the help of Qayi’s All doubts of Umar Bay’s about Osman Bay will be dispelled in his meeting with Osman Bay Petros, who is considering arranging for Malhan Hatun and Omar Bey And the Mongol commander wants to do this through Togey So we think that when Omar Bay is sighing towards Sogut, the commander can attack Omar Bay. If that happened then Osman would save Omar Bay in this attack And that fact must be taken into account.

” All of these events will be seen in the next two to three Ep 48 of Kurulus Osman will air on March 3 Be sure to like the video Are you eager to see Osman Bay’s action and plan in the Armenian War. And will the martyrdom of a young hero make you emotional? You must tell us in the comments section.

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