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Hello Friends ! Welcome to Purjosh TV Season 2 of Kurulus Osman is coming to an end Apart from Osman Bey becoming the leader, Savci Bey and his family joining the series, as well as Cerkutay amazing scenes touching the hearts of fans, great events have added four moons to the series. Ertugrul Bey’s Death has been an inspiring event so far season 2 Before the end of season 2, there will be major changes, such as the fall of Dundar, the conquest of Inegole Fortress, and the strengthening of Osman Bey’s political position. 

In today’s video, we will discuss some of the major events that took place in Ep isKurulus Osman Season 2 ode 49 We’ll talk about Is

  • Togay attacked Omer Bey or somebody else poisoned Omer Bey? 
  • Does Togay himself has any extraordinary powers? 
  • How long will Omar Bey’s role in the series last? 
  • Is there going to be a big clash between Togay and Malhun Hatun? 
  • Will there be any mischief in the council convened by Osman Bey? 
  • Is Kara Shaman Togay a historical character? 

We will also give you more useful information To find out more, be sure to watch the video to the end till the end and subscribe to our channel Kurulus Osman’s season 2 was more brilliant than the first season Countless major events unfolded The series continues and more great events are expected before the season finale By the way, in Season 2, Nicola, Petros and the traitorous Dundar were no less as enemies,

but now the Mongol commander Kara Shaman Togay has come to fulfill the task. Enemies are seen encircling Osman Bey from all sides In such a situation, the entry of Malhun Hatun and Umar Bey has also increased the number of associates of Osman Bey. 

At the end of the last Kurulus Osman Season 2 , Osman Bey was seen going to meet Omar Bey Togay was also keeping an eye on Usmanbe at that time And he chases after Osman Bey with his soldiers The question in everyone’s mind is whether he wants to attack Osman Bey or Omar Bey If you recall, the conversation between Togay and his companion Bokey with Petros showed that they did not know where Omar Bey was. 

However, Togay is in pursuit of Omar Bey We told you that Petros would tell Togay about this meeting If Togay had attacked Osman Bey, he would have done so immediately, but he did not do so and only pursued Osman Bey. 

In fact, the real purpose of Togay was to reach Umar Bey through Osman Bey This is how Togay will follow Osman Bey to the meeting place The real target here will be Omer Bey That is why no one from Osman Bey, Malhun Hatun or any of Osman Bey’s soldiers were injured On the contrary, Omar Bey was found lying unconscious in a coma Another prediction from the audience is that he is not injured,

but it appears that someone may have poisoned him. Viewers’ idea is due to not show any injuries or attack on Omar Bey Everyone is thinking that maybe Bahadir Bey near him has poisoned him But that will not happen We don’t think he was poisoned Because during Togay attack, Omar Bey was not poisoned 

In addition, as much as Malhun Hatun angrily mentions the name of Togay, it is clear that it was Togay who attacked and injured Omar Bey. Immediately after the attack, the question arose as to whether Omar Bey would leave the series soon Audiences may have wondered about Omar Bey, whose character has been around for a while, like the father of ilbelgay Hatun in Dirilish Ertugrul. But it is not so Omar Bey is a historical character 

The actor playing the role of Omar Bey is also considered one of the most influential actors in Turkey And he was not brought to Kurulus Osman for only a few Kurulus Osman Season 2 Rather, this role will last for a long time At least before the marriage of Malhun Hatun and Osman Bey, this role will not come to an end Because Malhun in her family has only his father His brothers have been martyred 

Therefore, the role of Omar Bey has been included for a long time You see, Malhun Hatun has emerged as an intelligent, capable and brave woman So after this attack, she decides to retaliate in a fit of rage Tugha is also well acquainted with the militant personality of Malhon Hatun In the trailer, Tugha was seen saying that Malhon Haton will now sharpen his teeth like a wolf. If Malhon Hatoon tried to face Tugha without the help of Achman Bay,

she would not look very successful. He may have done some harm to Tugha, but the real victory against Tugha will come only with the help of Osman Bay. But Malhun Hatun puts her tribe, her father and traditions above everything else She will answer questions without understanding the situation of Osman Bay After which Osman Bay will not pay much attention to his subject Because he is currently holding a jirga and is stepping up efforts to form an alliance with the Turkish chiefs We will also see Yavlak Arsalan during this jirga 

The injury of Omar Bay, a bad Turkish leader, and the criticism of Malhun Hatun could lead to the jirga’s disgust. But even Osman Bay will give priority to the jirga here And the Turks will try to persuade the chiefs Another reason behind Osman Bay’s refusal to support Malhun Hatun is that in this case, Malhun Hatun will doubt Bala Hatun. A horrible entry was seen by Kara Shaman Togay We don’t know much about this character yet In the trailer, Bamsi Bay was heard saying: 

I heard him say that fire does not burn him nor does it drown him These were some amazing words Most importantly, Kara Shaman Tugha is a historical figure It is important to mention Noyan’s partner Bacho to describe this character in detail Bachchu is a character that no one is unaware Talk about Togay 

The Mongols belong mostly to the Nazi religion of Syria Shaman stands in the middle, beats drums, sings some magical words, and communicates with spirits. Shamans can see and hear spirits This is what people of the Shamanic religion think This includes pouring milk on the places connected to the spirits, shooting arrows in the storm and making many sacrifices in front of these spirits. When the shaman does all this work, it is said that his soul is separated from his body and goes to another world. 

Or spirits enter the body of a shaman All of these things will definitely remind you of Bachu It does not seem that Khair Shaman Tughay is seen here in the state of Shaman He has emerged as a commander We do not think such complex spiritual beliefs will be seen in the series Be sure to like the video Kurulus Osman Season 2 49 of Kurulus Osman will be aired on March 10 If you want some informative videos about the history of the Ottoman Empire or the Seljuks, please let us know in the comment box. See You Soon!

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