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Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The shocking trailer of Kurulus Osman series has been released A big battle is waiting for us in the upcoming Ep . It was impossible for the fans to wait for the new Ep thinking that. In such a situation, a new trailer was released which made everyone more curious As soon as the new trailer was released, many questions were raised by the fans 

We will talk about all of them in detail Will you tell me

  • if Malhun Hatun has found out the truth about Dundar and she will inform Osman Bey about it? 
  • Why did a Mongol commander, Kala Shaman Togha, attack Goktugh Alp as soon as he arrived? What was Goktugh doing there?
  • How will Nikola escape the emperor’s wrath? 
  • How will Osman Bey escape the trap Nikola? And what is Osman Bay doing in the tunnel? 
  • Will there be another clash between Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun? 
  • Is the conquest of Inegol Castle so close? 
  • What will be the main weapon in bringing the Turkish tribes closer to Osman Bay? 
  • Here are three major Season 2 events that will take place before Season Finale 

In addition, we will give you even better information Be sure to Read the Article to the end to know all the details and subscribe to our channel The last Ep of Kurulus Osman ends with a scene where Osman Bey is trapped by Nikola. All the events of this war point to the war in Armenia. Bayhoca was also hit by two arrows There was a lot of talk about Goktugh coming forward to help Osman Bay But it all turned out to be wrong when Goktugh was attacked in a new trailer and Osman Bay was seen in a cave. 

We told you about Osman Bay that he would get out of this trap himself Maybe some of Osman Bay’s soldiers are behind and they sigh Osman will escape this trap just as Savci escaped from Flatius You will remember when Savci hid in a cave to escape from the ambush of Flatius And then he got out of there, hit Flatius hard, and came back We think that Osman Bay will do the same now. Osman Bay was seen walking through a narrow space holding a fire in his hand as if he were in a cave or a tunnel. 

Osman Bay Facing Nicola, he will go to a place like this And the Byzantine soldiers will be dispersed and killed In the meantime, Nicola would probably leave Flatius there and go to the emperor In other words, Osman will face all this on his own. Goktugh will not come there Well now let’s talk about the new Mongol commander Tugha, who has finally made a terrible entry into Kurulus Osman. We told you that Mongol Commander will soon join the series 

The Mongols had not been seen in the series for a long time Mongols play an important role in increasing the action of the series As soon as Tugha came, he started showing his anger and his first victim was Goktog Alp Finally, let’s talk about how Goktog Alp faced Togha So Viewers, you’ll remember that Goktog took some of Alp Nikola’s important papers In return,

he asked Nicola for gold Nicola was not going to give that gold through his ally Petrus Goktug Alp’s sole purpose was to learn about Nicola’s ally Here, Petrus played a great game and did not come forward It may be that he asked to give that gold to Goktugh through Tugha Or you may have sent Goktogh to get gold from there And Tuga must have attacked Goktug before giving gold Another case is that of Goktugh Alp, who is allying with the enemy And Osman Bay has become an enemy 

So that he can detect the tricks of the enemies He may have gone to Commander Toga to offer an alliance And Tughaa attacked him for betraying the Mongols and for supporting Osman Bey It is possible that Commander Togha Goktog Alp changed his mind and tried to rejoin the Mongols. Talks about Malhun who has a bald ring that can play a key role in exposing her betrayal. Hazal and Dundar are somewhat suspicious in Malhun Hatun’s eyes, but Malhun is still not convinced that Dundar is a traitor. 

In the next Ep, we will see a bitter word again during Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun. Meanwhile, Malhun Hatun will repeatedly warn Bala Hatun of traitors In the trailer, we heard him say from above that the traitor is not far away, very close to you On the other hand, after the war as a result of treason, Osman Bay will also know that the traitor is a very close man. He also tells Bala Hatun that there is a traitor in the tribe. 

Which is very close to us Now Osman Bay, Bala hatun and Malhun Hatun will start searching for the traitor And we think that very soon they will succeed Surprisingly for Viewers, there was no scene about Bahoca in the new trailer. If everyone was thinking that they would be martyred, then the whole Ep will revolve around this subject But that did not happen and no Bahoca scene came to light Well, after this fierce battle, Osman will soon regain his composure and plan to attack Inegol Fort by gathering more power. 

But before the victory of Inegol, the traitor must be eliminated and that is what will happen First Dundar will reach its end and then this round fort will be conquered Osman Bay has long been seen keeping an eye on the Inegol fort He has been seen plotting many times to attack Inegol Castle This time they will make a very bad plan But due to the Mongol togha, the matter may be delayed a bit Three big events ahead of the season finale 

These include the assassination of Dundar Bay, the conquest of Inegol, and the gathering of Turkish tribes under the banner of Osman Bay. Inegol’s victory will play a key role in bringing Osman Bay closer to the Turkish tribes Ep No. 48 of Weavers Kurulus Osman will air on March 3 If you like our Article, please like and share it Viewers Do you also think that Commander Togay’s folk are just like the noyan? And what do you think Togay will prove to be a great villain like Noyan? You must tell us in the comment box See You Soon !

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