Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 49 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 49 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 49 Urdu Subtitles – Purjosh Tv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The Kurulus Osman series, which has been on the rise since the beginning of Season 2, seems to have reached different levels of fame All of a sudden, his place in the eyes of the fans seems to be fading The previous Ep was full of curiosity but failed to convince the fans This Ep made the fans feel bored to some extent The main reason for this is that there is not a single action- packed scene of Osman Bay or his soldiers in such a big Ep . Seeing his hero Osman Bay weak did not catch the eye of the fans All these objections of the fans will be removed before the end of season 2 

In today’s ARTICLE, we will tell you

  • how many Ep of season 2 are left? 
  • Which Turkish tribes will be attacked by the Mongols? 
  • Where is Yavlak Arsalan?
  • Why didn’t he appear in the jirga of Sogut? 
  • Why is the end of Dundar being delayed? 
  • Will Savci Beys role end this season? 
  • And will the story of his son Lena (Ertugrul bey) told later or not? 
  • When Will Gunduz bey Wife come?
  •  A great question is how Kayi’s will eventually become Ottomans? 

To find out, read the Article till the end and subscribe to our channel In Season 2 of Kurulus Osman, the struggle of the first Osman Bay chieftain and now the great efforts to establish a new state are coming to the fore. But fans are demanding that Osman Bay be made the Sultan as soon as possible And the details of life after becoming Sultan should be brought to the fore Osman Bay has dreamed of building a state and

he seems to be working day and night to fulfill it You all have to be patient Because the real purpose of this historical series is to show that struggle What Osman Bay did to establish the state? Of course, details of his royal life will emerge But everything will be seen step by step A question has arisen as to where the Kayi people had gone when Osman had become a sultan Did Osman leave Kayi’s and engage in the affairs of the empire? 

Explain to Viewers how this will happen You may have heard from Kumral Abdal before that the descendants of Osman Bay will be called Osmani We saw that at present Osman Bay is preparing to unite all the Turkish tribes and establish a state. Omar Bay’s alliance with Osman Bay and his marriage to a Malhun Hatun when the two tribes will be together So by changing the names of these two, an Ottoman name will come up Gradually more tribes would join them and the Ottomans would succeed in establishing a large Ottoman Empire. 

Now let’s talk about what is going to happen in the next Ep Togay made a dangerous attack on the Malhun But he did not kill him but sent a message to Osman He said Geyhatu knows all about it And the Turkish tribes will also unite with Osman Bay The Mongols will destroy them In spite of his bad temper, Osman managed to persuade the insufficient chief. Togay himself had said that Osman was very intelligent

They will regain the trust of the chiefs This is what will happen now Togay’s first plan was to attack Omar Bay using the symbol of the Doderga tribe So that the two tribes can fight each other It failed due to the efforts of Osman Bay \

The Dodurga tribe is with Osman Bay If we talk about the tribe of Omar Bay, then we have heard Omar Bay say that they do not believe in Osman Bay at all. But when Omar Bay finds out about the attack on the housewife, he realizes that he can’t fight Togay except Osman Bay. Therefore, they will automatically appear on the side of Osman Bay Viewers wondered why Yavlak Arsalan was not present at the jirga In fact, Osman Bay did not invite him to this jirga Why not invite? Let’s talk about it too Viewers are well known 

That Yavlak Arsalan’s sole purpose in summoning the chiefs to the jirga was to gain their trust. And Osman Bey form a strong alliance with them Yavlak Arsalan, has already formed an alliance with them And Osman Bey has full confidence That is why he was not called But the Mongols know that Yavlak Arsalan is with Osman Bey The Mongols will attack the Turkish tribes So it is quite possible that Yavlak Arsalan’s tribe will also be attacked If this happens then Yavlak Arsalan will be martyred Because

that’s what happened according to history Yavlak Arsalan was martyred in the same movement against the Mongols When is season 2 coming to an end? Let’s talk about it too But before that, Dundar and Savci Bey also talk about elimination Dundar’s betrayal has been openly before us since season 2 The role of a traitor has long been stretched to the limit Of course, people get angry when they see it 

But the betrayal of one character over and over again and the fact that its truth is not revealed is boring the fans Everyone’s interest in this role is almost gone Osman Bay’s previous plan failed But it should be noted that the betrayal of Kurtoglu in Dirilis Ertugrul did not come to light in the first season. But soon after, his secret was revealed 

Now the same thing is going to happen in Kurulus Osman At present, the truth of Dundar has not been revealed but the secret of Dundar will be revealed At the same time, Petrus’s face will be exposed But it is also possible that Dundar will try to escape when the secret is revealed Because in the previous Ep , when Flatyos was captured, Dundar said that if the truth came out, they would run away. 

If something like this happens, according to the exact date, Osman will shoot an arrow at Bendor and kill him Dundar’s role is unlikely to last until season 2 Because doing so will provoke a strong reaction from the people The role of Savci Bay, which is now being seen as quite positive And Lena hatun has also become a Muslim Above all, his son is named Ertugrul Savci Bey say goodbye to series very soon That is, season 2 will be their last season Weavers We told you that Savci was martyred in the Battle of Bay Dimanic 

This battle took place before the victory of Inegol The victory of Inegol castle will definitely be seen till the season finale Then the battle of Dimanic will come to the fore Which will be seen only after a few Ep  By the way, according to history, the Byzantine commander Flatius and Savci Bay were killed in the same battle. But here, once again, history has been tampered with And Flatius was said goodbye to the series shortly before After Savci Bay’s martyrdom, Lena and her son Ertugrul Bay may not appear in the scene. 

Like after the testimony of Dogan Alp, his son and wife were not seen If that happened then there would be a decline in the Osman Bay family series Gundoz Bey’s son Edugdo and his wife Ayesha hatun will then be brought forward to make up for the shortfall. How many Ep will there be in season 2? 

There are many questions about this too Viewers, we think, will only run for more Ep than season 1 We think that season 2 will reach Ep no 60 That is, the season will have more than 30 episodes Episode No. 50 of Kurulus Osman will be released on March 17 If you like our video, please like it If you want to get detailed information about Osman Bay’s family from us, be sure to let us know in the comment box. See You Soon!

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