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Hello Firends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv The last of the Kurulus Osman series once again saw a high flight in the ratings Everyone loved this with great events Each incident paved the way for the conquests of Osman Bey Great action and the growing power of Osman Bey signals the end of the season The madness of the series is that they are worried about the next season before the end of the season. 

In today’s Article we will tell you if this season will end in number 64 And when will the next season begin?

Which of the following characters in the series, Selcan, Samsa, Yavlak Arsalan and others, are likely to return? Will Osman Bey’s son Orhan Bey born in next season? What a great shock to Osman Bey as the testimony of a close associate? Is the new commander going to give Osman Bey a hard time? What will be the result of the great battle in the form of victory of Inegol? Is Sultan Mesud going to get in trouble? Will Zoe betray Nikola in love with Goktug Alp? Will Aygul and Cerkutay’s wedding be the final scene of the season finale? 

In addition, we will give you more important information in today’s Article Must watch the Article till the end to know the full details And subscribe to our channel Kurulus Osman’s great has started the stories of the season finale In the last , along with the events of the war, the beginnings of all the major events were seen The worst will be the war that will attract everyone.Kurulus Osman Season 2 63

 There is no doubt that great wars bring great victories Now everyone knows which victory of Osman Bey will make the season a success Weavers Nikola and Osman Bey were seen planning the war in the previous episod Nicola called all the governors and took them into confidence Except for Governor Leo of Belcik And in the trailer we see that the emperor’s sent commander Ducas has also arrived with the army. When it comes to Osman Bey’s second job plan, Kurulus Osman Season 2 63

he is well aware of Nikola’s every move It’s all thanks to Governor Leo Osman Bey took the first step in consultation with the Sultan And that was the most interesting scene of Trailer Viewer’sHalf of story will be solved in this incident What would be the war plan? Osman will fold all this with the Sultan in koniya As soon as the war is mentioned, everyone is looking at Inegol near the Season end Viewer’s Kurulus Osman Season 2 63

The conquest of the Inegol Castle is a wax that apparently could not be solved But the answer is only twofold In other words, either the fort will be conquered in the same season with great historical differences Or Kurulus Osman’s team will avoid making such a big historical milestone Chances are that the fort will not be conquered Because for this, it is necessary to bring out the role of Turgut Alp and also to show the testimony of Gonduz Alp. Not only that, getting a fort is not a child’s play 

There will be a great battle for it With so little time left at the end of the season, it’s not possible to see such big events If this is seen with half-finished events, the market for criticism will heat up And that’s not what the administration expects Anyway, if the character of Turgut Alp is not brought on time, it will upset the fans. Kurulus Osman Season 2 63

This goal will not be a victory, but Nikola will have to eat Or Osman will tighten the noose around Nikola so that he will not be able to fight But somewhere there is a possibility that Kurulus Osman’s team will play with us And Inegol’s victory will be a surprise Speaking of Commander Ducas, everyone missed the arrival of a new commander from Byzantine after Commander Flatius But this time it has been shown that Commander Ducas is very dangerous 

But he will not be able to replace Flatius Because he will have very little time In the first blow, he will probably succeed in damaging Osman Bey We saw that Omar Bay is fighting with Osman Bey side Because now they are strong allies of Osman Bey If there is a big fight, he will be seen with Osman Bey And maybe they will be martyred in the same war You may have noticed that Omar Bay’s character seems to be spending his time in the series 

That is, Omar Bey’s script is almost complete Omar Bey is no longer in the story All differences with Osman Bay are over Malhun hatun’s and Osman Bay marriage have done Now Omar Bey’s farewell time is very close Osman Bey’s main ally martyr will be troubling to him 

But they will not let their blood go in vain Now let’s talk about the characters who are missing from the series Viewer Many characters have suddenly disappeared from start since Season 1 of Kurulus Osman. But they are in Fan’s mind And there are a lot of questions about them A red flag has been raised over the work of Kurulus Osman’s team about Viewers Sungartekin and Samsa That is, their return is not possible The producer himself had confirmed to both of them

that their roles have completely disappeared Both were characters that everyone liked Of course this is sad news but the truth cannot be denied Speaking of Yavlak Arsalan, his character came to the fore as a traitor But his story became interesting when he was seen as a companion of Osman Bey Fans were crazy about Yavlak Arsalan But then Yavlak Arsalan also left the screen And never again Actor Umut Karadağ, who is now playing the role of Yavlak Arsalan on his social media account, had replied to a friend that he had left series. 

But keeping in view the history, it was very important to bring out the role of Yavlak Arsalan at that time Geyhatu said that Yavlak Arsalan was involved in the situation in Anatolia at that time and in the affairs of Sultan Masud Yavlak Arsalan is mentioned in facing Geyhatu and supporting the Sultan Well, it cannot be said with full certainty, but in the future, Yavlak Arsalan may come to the fore Because according to history, he died in 1292 As for the Selcan woman, she too was sent to the tribe and disappeared in the series 

The main reason for this was the personal issues of the actress who played the role of Selcan. That is, a son was born to them a few days ago That’s why she was away from the seat of Kurulus Osman But keep in mind that the chances of Selcan’s return are slim Because the new season will come with a time jump So it will not be possible to bring the Selcan woman to the fore 

Because he has already been seen to be quite old in Kurulus Osman It is not possible to get older We found out in the last that Malhun is about to become a mother Now everyone is asking if Orhan’s birth will be seen in the same season Yes, chances are high Because next season Orhan will be seen as a brave kid who will be the same age as Ahmed Alp. But it is also possible that after the news of the mother-in-law becoming the mother of the Malhun,

she will be seen in the next season. And the event of his birth did not come to light But the first possibility is more Aygul and Jarkotay will be talked about, but if we talk about Sultan Masood, maybe they will be in trouble. Because the Mongols are now supporting the Byzantines, supporting Osman Bey at this time is tantamount to facing not only the Byzantines but also the Mongols. 

If the Mongols heard of Sultan Mas’ad’s move, they would surely grow up Because they want to get rid of Osman Bey Historically, Sultan Masood was involved in a plot against the Mongols, which is why he was deposed by the Mongols. It may also be seen in the Wow series Speaking of Aygul and Cerkutay, it is not correct to say that this story did not reach the destination in front of Bamsi Bey’s eyes. 

Well, the topic of marriage is slowly coming up Osman talks about the marriage of Cerkutay and having a son Cerkutay says he will name his son Bamsi Bey On the other hand, the scene of Aygul and Cerkutay also came to the fore The days seemed to go by with the same thought They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities We think the matter will soon reach Osman Bey And this wedding will come out in the same season When it comes to the end of season 2,

we think there are only two left And the season will end in the last week of June Last season also ended in June Speaking of the start of the new season, the second season started in October But the third season is likely to start soon The new season will start in September, chances are high We will explain this in another Article  If you like the Article, please like and share it Will Zoe betray Nikola in love with Goktug Alp? We’ll tell you about that in our next Article You must also leave your opinion in the comment box See You Soon!

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