Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 64 English And Urdu (Season Finale)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 English And Urdu  (Season Finale)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 EpEp64 English and Urdu Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello Friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Season 2 of the Kurulus Osman series has plunged fans into a quagmire of curiosity that they are becoming more and more restless with each passing day. That season will be marked by explosive events Great fighting scenes always make the series last for four months All eyes are on the next Ep, which will be the last Epof this season, which will present such amazing action-packed scenes.

Which will remain in the minds of the fans till the beginning of the new season There is also heartbreaking news for action-crazy people. We will talk about this as well But at the same time, we will discuss some curious topics that have confused everyone Talk about why Zoe’s role will last until next season 3 .

  • Will the child of Malhun Hatun die and will Bala Hatun be the first mother? 
  • What’s the secret behind bringing Gence Bey to the fore in the series after break again and again? 
  • Will Kurulus Osman see the biggest battle in the history of the series?
  •  When will Osman Bey’s historical spy and comrade Koshi Mihal come forward? 

We will discuss this role in detail from a historical point of view To know all this important information, you must Read the Articles till the end and subscribe to our channel Everyone is eagerly awaiting the next Epof Kurulus Osman series Because Season Finale is considered to have more interesting and wonderful events than normal EpSo the audience is looking very excited The wait for the season’s finale will soon be over, and in a few days, 

fans will be staring at the screen for a great finale. But the real long and anxious wait will be for the new season which will not be taken care of. Osman is soon to be the founder of the state We are already seeing the signs of this Thus, Osman Bey was seen talking about a separate state from the beginning of the second season But its establishment will be seen in the next season Many dear comrades and many new comrades joined Osman Bey’s journey in this sacred struggle. 

It started with the entry of Turhan Alp But all eyes are on the historical figures as to when they will emerge Let’s talk about it but before that, let’s try to solve some of the confusing events of the new EpTalk starts with Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun Osman Bey’s two beautiful and brave wives who bring him relief in every difficult time 

The story of the two will be very interesting next season Speaking of which, the two women, who met with great differences, now seem to be slowly building a better relationship. The reason for this is somewhere else, Osman Bey Who tried his best to establish justice between the two Malhun Hatun who was initially considered arrogant His kindness is slowly becoming apparent In the last Ep,

I saw Bala Hatun getting emotional If we didn’t meet like that, we would be very good friends There must have been a secret somewhere behind the fact that there is room for the two to become friends We have given clear indications that after minor quarrels, the relationship between the two will improve 

This is what will happen now But the biggest incident between the two so far will be in the case of Zoe Who wants to poison Malhun Hatun But Bala Hatun has also made a full inquiry into Zoe And at the right time, the truth will come out At that time, the relationship between Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun will be very strong And both will have love and respect for each other in their hearts But apart from all this,

the real question is what will happen to Zoe Because there are big claims that Zoe will not be caught and will run until next season. There is no need to lengthen the main topic In fact, Zoe is not a very important character Which is specifically called farewell and it takes time That is, he is an ordinary spy And the end can be seen in a small scene And we don’t expect such an event to be left unfinished at the end of the season 

It is possible that the same traitor was caught as the first traitor, but no scene of his punishment has come to light. Or when the truth comes out, he runs to Nikola But then what was the use of his spying when the truth came out It will not have any special significance So it will end here Last season, we also saw Burcin’s character disappear in a few moments 

A separate controversy has erupted over Malhun Hatun’s child Everyone understands that Osman Bey’s son will not be born, he will surely die And the reason is that Osman Bey has never had a dream about his son before In Dirilis Ertugrul we saw that Ertugrul Bey, Halima Hatun and even Haima Hatun had seen the blessed child Osman Bey in their dreams. But there is no such scene in

the Kurulus Osman series However, Osman Bey wants children very much And they have been waiting for this good news for a long time But once he saw his second wife and child in a dream We do not think that the first child of Osman Bey will die here Because according to history, a long time has passed and the time has come to show the offspring of Osman Bey First of all, let me tell you that Osman Bey’s first child will be from Malhun Hatun 

The story of the series aside, Malhun Hatun was historically Osman Bey’s first wife And in 1281 Orhan was also born While history shows that Bala Hatun was married to Osman Bay in 1289 And Alauddin Bey was born in 1290 It was decided that Allauddin would be born later And Bala Hatun will be the mother of Osman Bey’s second child The series shows the martyrdom of Savci Bey a long time ago, in 1287. 

Which made it clear that Orhan’s birth had already been delayed. But this time he is back after a long absence and that too in season Finale In fact, Zebit Semidov, who plays Gence Bey, is a boxer And he stepped back into the world of boxing He was busy with his matches so he stayed away from the set Maybe as soon as he arrives, he will inform Osman Bey about the Byzantine caravan But keep in mind that Gance Bey’s character is unlikely to emerge next season 

This is bad news for action fans Thus, there is a strong possibility that the season finale will be full of war events But remember that the battle plan and both rivals will be seen on the battlefield And with their collision, the final scene of the war may come to light As in the previous episode The attack was not shown, nor will the Byzantine army disintegrate. 

Just get to see the closing scenes from both sides In fact, in view of the global epidemic, such scenes are being avoided Maybe in the season finale too But hopefully this time around, fans will be spared and a few battle scenes will emerge. There are many historical characters that everyone is eager to see with Osman Bey Osman Bey’s historical companions who helped Osman Bey a lot At the request of the viewers, information has been gathered about Koshi Mihal, a historical colleague of Osman Bey. 

Viewers Koshi Mihal was the governor of Harmanica Who was a Greek His real name was Michael Cosiz The viewer is in the mountains near Harmanica Belcik There were two to three more forts under the control of Koshi Mihal That is, he was a powerful Byzantine governor But the good thing about him was that he was helping Osman Bay even before he became a Muslim The greatest help to him in the dark was to inform him of the tricks of the Byzantine governors After which Osman Bey had conquered

the forts where this net was spread for him In addition, Koshi Mihal was instrumental in Orhan Ghazi’s victory over Bursa While the contemporaneity lasted for ten years It is said that Koshi Mihal became a Muslim after being influenced by the morals of Osman Bey After which he was named Abdullah Mihal Ghazi But according to some incidents,

he had a dream after which he became a Muslim Koshi Mihal was the first Byzantine of Osman Bey who helped him in numerous battles. Koshi Mihal was known as Abdullah Mihal Ghazi, but according to the great Turk historian, his grandson’s name was also Mihal Ghazi. And his deeds are traced back to his grandfather According to the history of the Ottoman Empire, the descendants of Koshi Mihal are known as Mihal Olu His son Ghazi Mihal also built many mosques 

That is, they were loyal to the Ottomans from generation to generation Users After hearing this story, you must have thought of a character of Dirilis Ertugrul. Yes, we are talking about Aris Kurulus Osman has a strong chance of appearing in Koshi Mihal next season Viewers If you like the Articles, please like and share it What a great event you are looking forward to in the season finale? Be sure to mention it in the comment box See You Soon!

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