Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep 64 Urdu Subtitles (Season Finale)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 64 Urdu Subtitles  (Season Finale)

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Ep64 English and Urdu Subtitles – PurjoshTv

Hello friends! Welcome to Purjosh Tv Season 2 of the Kurulus Osman series is ready to say goodbye to the fans Everyone is worried about the long wait for the new season But fans are also curious about the story of the new season But fans are no less excited for the season finale Everyone is interested to know what beautiful memories this season will say goodbye to us If you take a closer look at the full story of Season 2,

this season has been full of great and great events. Who were removed Many of the fans’ objections and well received But this season has also hurt our hearts by taking away many of our beloved characters 

But in any case, this season has been very interesting And his great story kept us connected to the screen Now everyone is thinking about whether the season will end happily on the scenes from normal or there will be some confusion left. 

  • And at the same time will tell you if there is a great twist in the story and Zoe will kill Gunca? 
  • Will Goktug Alp know the truth of Zoe? Why is Malhun Hatun wearing war clothes again?
  • Have the Byzantines occupied Kuluchaisar? 
  • What will be the outcome of the differences between Nikola and Ducas? 
  • When will the son of Gunduz Bey and the two brothers of Tugay appear? 
  • Who will drink the poison given by Zoe instead of Malhun Hatun? 

And many more will be discussed in today’s Articles Be sure to Read the Articles to the end The Kurulus Osman series has won the hearts of fans Now the second season will say goodbye to us, so everyone will be looking forward to the next season. It is certain that the new season will be stronger than the previous season because the mistakes of the current season will be eliminated in the next season. 

But for now, it looks like the story is moving on It will be difficult to wind them all up in just one installment Nikola and Inegol Castle will run until next season, that’s for sure But there are also many doubts about the rest of the events Various rumors are circulating as Zoe’s role will continue till next season and Gunca’s role will end. 

The news was nothing short of a shock We will talk in detail about how much truth there is in this We will also talk about the love story of Goktug Alp and Zoe But first, if you pay attention to all the scenes of Zoe so far, you will know Of course, Zoe was a spy, but she has not harmed Osman Bay or Kayi That is, she failed to convey any big news to Nikola But in the next Ep,

she will make her first and perhaps last blow This will happen in case of poisoning of Malhun Hatun It was during the planning of this plan that Bala Hatun became suspicious of it That is, she did not prove to be a strong or fast spy Since he is not a big spy, his role is not likely to last long As far as Gunca Hatun is concerned It is certain that she will see Zoe mixing poison in the syrup Or at least find out about his plan 

Now everyone thinks thatGunca will find out about Zoe Hatun that she was chasing him and will kill him. The reason for thinking this was the scene of Zoe meeting the woman from whom he had gone to get poison. In other words, Zoe’s cunning and dangerous personality was evident here If we talk about Gunca Hatun, his story is being compared to that of Shahina, the first wife of Turgut Alp. 

And it is being said that she too will die soon like Shahina and Boran Alp will move on in life like Turgat Alp But we estimate that this is unlikely to happen Doing the same thing will make everyone bored And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes We don’t think that a character like Gunca Hatun, who is important in the series, will be mistaken for a minor spy. Anyway, Zoe and Goktog fell in love. 

So we know how sincere Goktog Alp’s feelings about Zoe are And how intensely she is in love with Zoe But Zoe’s future relationship with Goktog Alp is extremely difficult If Zoe poisoning plan gets unreveal , Zoe will either come to her end or she will run away. But his chances of escape are slim Since Nikola’s role will not end this season, everyone is speculating that her spy will also be seen next season. 

But it is difficult to escape when the truth comes out She can attack anyone when the truth comes out, but she may not kill anyone There are two ways in which the truth can be revealed, or it will be caught while mixing poison Or when she will offer poisoned potato syrup or something to eat in front of Malhun Hatun So the upper hand will tell him to eat the same thing As Hazel Hatun did with Zohra Hatun last season When Zoe does not drink the poison mixed with her hands,

her secret will be revealed Goktog Alp will surely be heartbroken after this incident But he is a very strong soldier and has the courage to face the situation There are also many other young ladies like Alaca Hatun Which can explain the real meaning of love to Goktog Alp Let’s move on to why Malhun Hatun is wearing a war style dress again In the scene in the trailer, we see Malhun Hatun in the same outfit in which she is seen repeatedly fighting. 

That is to say, under what circumstances has Malhun Hatun changed his appearance? There is no need to be afraid. It is not that something has happened to Malhun Hatun’s child And he is ready to go to the battlefield in the rage of this loss In fact, Osman Bey, Omar Bey, Gunduz Bey and all the important soldiers of the tribe have gone to war Even the Sultan has come forward for war In addition, the Byzantines have launched attacks There is no denying that Malhun Hatun is a brave warrior Hatun She has also expressed her desire to go to war with Osman Bey We think that

precautionary measures will be taken in view of the situation and the safety of the tribe. And Malhun Hatun will take part in it In the event of an attack, she will be ready for war In the scene seen in the trailer, there are five glasses in front of Malhun Hatun That is, there was someone else with Malhun Hatun before It is possible that Bala Hatun, Gunca Hatun, Ayesha Hatun and Alaca Hatun were here. Malhoon Hatoon can drink poisonous Alaca Hatun instead There are possibilities but few Because the issue will be resolved before then,

there is a strong possibility Now let’s talk about another important topic, where Nikola and Ducas attacked Have they captured the fort of Kulucahisar? In fact, it looks like a fortress But the siege and attack of the fort is not easy In fact, it is the area around Kuluchaisar Where Ducas has attacked together with Nikola That is, the surrounding villages have been captured, not the fort. It is possible that on his return from this attack,

Osman overpowered the Byzantines But remember that the differences between Nikola and Ducas will be growing. First of all, Ducas wants to sideline Nikola. Nikola knows this all too well After this attack, Ducas will become better in the eyes of the emperor and will prove Nikola less. But the real mastermind is Nikola He will also shake hands with Ducas As he did with Tugay And as a bait he threw it in front of Osman Bey He will do the same with Ducas And Osman Bey will leave him alone and escape 

The death of Ducas will make Nikola the last option before the emperor After which he will not be able to say anything to Nikola However, the season is about to release its last Ep But fans are still waiting for some of the characters There are some characters that were mentioned in the same season but they did not come out Namely, the son of Gunduz Bey and the two brothers of Tugay 

These characters will definitely come out one day or another But that time has not come yet Gundoz Bey’s son will be coming forward next season. Maybe he will be seen at the beginning of the new season. If we talk about the brothers of Tugay, we can say the same about them as Naveen appeared in the fourth season after the second season.

 In the same way, Togay’s brothers will definitely come back after a long time to take revenge Like the Articles Season finale of Kurulus Osman Season 2 will hit the screens on June 23 Be sure to let us know in the comment box how excited you are to see the end of this season and how the waiting moments are going. See You Soon!

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