Khoba bread: India’s most popular bread with a lot of ghee.

Khoba bread: India's most popular bread with a lot of ghee.

The most popular food on social media during the Corona epidemic in Dia has been the famous ‘Khoba’ bread. Purjost tv

It is a special gift from the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, made from wheat flour, salt, lightly ground red pepper and celery seeds. Desi ghee and this beautifully baked bread has become very popular on social media in India.

Food lovers are posting pictures of this khoba bread on their Instagram while home cooking enthusiasts are trying their hand at making this big bread at home.

This bread is usually 15 to 20 cm large and half a cm thick.

Chef Vikas Khanna is also seeing the popularity of Khoba Roti and teaching easy recipes online, while other famous Indian chefs like Ranveer Brar and Ajay Chopra are also posting recipes and videos about it.

Indian cuisine is packed with delicious traditional thick and big bread and other dishes that highlight its rich diversity, cultural heritage and harmony.

From Kashmir’s ‘Kuzho’ to Bihar’s ‘Sutu Roti’, from Kerala’s ‘Bilwala Pratha’ to Maharashtra’s ‘Bhakri’, home-made bread is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine. It may seem simple, but it takes skill to taste and texture. Khoba Roti is locally called Kobha, Ruth, Rotla, Angarkadi, Jadi Roti and even Biscuit Roti, due to its rich texture.

Neha Dutta, an IT executive from Bangalore who is also keen on home-baking, says, “I have baked a variety of Indian dishes myself, including bread, chapatti, pratha and puris.” But I like to bake khooba bread the most because it allows me to show my skills.

Vani Mehta, a chartered accountant who loves to cook at home, says that when she first ate the bread at a friend’s house, she fell in love with it at first sight.

“I liked the texture and shape so much that I immediately went to my friend’s kitchen to see how the bread was made,” she says.

According to Jane, the diagonal designs for the texture of this bread are not just for show, but they help the bread to ripen from the inside out and help the ghee to be well embedded in the bread crumbs. Which makes it delicious to eat and easy to chew.

Nita Mehta, author of books on various dishes, who has written more than 600 books on Indian cuisine, says the Corona epidemic has increased the tendency to work from home and has led people to spend more time at home. Have experimented with learning new dishes in their kitchens.

They are making it from dietary flours like millet, corn and millet flour. And who can deny that this bread can’t be popular on Instagram because of its design?

The history of Khoba Roti can be traced back to the villages near Jodhpur in Rajasthan and the way of life of the locals.

As a result, the physical requirements that affect the human body have long determined the agricultural practices and eating habits of the people here.

Abhilasha Jain explains that traditional and locally dried vegetables, papads and pulses, which do not spoil for a long time, are used in local dishes.

Instead of water, they use milk, milk-based butter or ghee, which helps them to meet other nutritional needs as they are vegetarians.

It is also served with another popular Rajasthani dish, Panch Kota. It uses five specific ingredients of desert wild fodder which include Ker, Sangri, Amchoor, Ganda and Kamati.

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