What is the scientific technique to avoid lion and leopard?

A new study has found that deer can never run away from a leopard, but if the deer changes its direction quickly at the last minute, its chances of survival increase.

Scientists observed zebras and deer in the savannahs of Africa to study when they escaped the onslaught of leopards and lions.Research has shown that if the speed is low during the hunt, the chances of the prey surviving are higher.

What is the scientific technique to avoid lion and leopard?

“If the prey tries to escape on its own, it is the wrong option because the hunter is faster and can increase its speed faster, so the hunter benefits.”

He added: “The best way to save your life is to slow down and turn sharply at the time of an attack.”

For the study, scientists compared the athletic abilities of lions and leopards with the abilities of their favorite prey, zebras and impalas. In research, the four animals have the fastest speed, the ability to increase and decrease the speed and which animal has the ability to turn at once.

Research has shown that predators such as cheetahs and lions are faster and more powerful than impalas and zebras.

However, the lion and the ant are currently weaker than the zebra and the impala if the impala and zebra turn faster or change direction.

Research with the University of Botswana has shown that predators can control prey in their pursuit. The impala or zebra decides how fast to run and when to change direction. The prey is always one step ahead of its prey.

“Because the prey controls the prey, the prey needs to be more athletic,” says Alan Wilson.

The cheetah is known for its lightning speed and can run at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Lions are stronger than leopards but slower.

Lions and cheetahs are 20% more powerful than impalas and zebras, with a 37% higher speed and a 72% lower speed. Lions and cheetahs are successful in one-third of their prey.

Research on zebras and impalas has shown that they are both more likely to survive if they change direction quickly, and especially by slowing down.

Research has shown that leopards and lions are more likely to succeed if they run away from their prey.

The study is published in the scientific journal Nature.

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